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Our 11 + tuition provides the best possible support for your child’s journey into grammar school.



Pass exams with a smile

We are ambitious, motivated and care deeply about making a difference to your child.

If your goal is to pass the 11 Plus, then we will do all we can to help your child pass with a smile.

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Local and national expertise

For the last 18 years, we have been preparing children to pass 11 Plus and entrance exams throughout the UK.

In fact, we have supported over 50,000 children through in-person and online 11+ tuition. We have dedicated managers who know exactly what requirements your local schools have and the skills your child needs to pass them.

How do I get started with 11 Plus?

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Championing your child

We nurture and champion children to thrive in their education and the world beyond.

We believe that a tailored curriculum, delivered by brilliant people is the key to learning success.

Flexible 11 Plus tuition memberships from £150 / month.


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The Explore Learning 11 Plus programme


5 steps to success:

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A curriculum to meet your needs

We tailor our 11 Plus and Entrance Exam tuition to suit the schools in your area.

Whether your child is sitting exams from the CEM exam board, GL Assessment or something more bespoke, our managers will identify the topics they need to study to give them the best chance of 11 Plus exam success.

Find your school’s entrance exam requirements

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Delivered by brilliant 11+ tutors

Nothing is too great a challenge with an Explore 11+ tutor by your side.  We know that people make the difference when it comes to learning.

Our 11 Plus tutors are highly skilled with impressive academic achievements. Most importantly they know how to make learning engaging, keep children calm and help them tackle exams with confidence.

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Meet our 11 Plus tutor Bryony

Bryony has been involved with tutoring and developing the 11+ tutor programme since 2018. She has a geography degree from Queen Mary, University of London and a PGCE from the University of Cambridge. In 2019, she also took on the role as Lead Curriculum Developer of Explore Learning’s maths and English tool to ensure that children have the best possible learning material to support them with school and exam success.

Tutoring children weekly on the 11+ tuition course is a highly rewarding experience. I can support the children to progress through our highly comprehensive programme, whilst using my curriculum knowledge and experience to enhance the lessons. I love to support fearless learning, help children to learn from their mistakes and celebrate successes with them.

Explore Learning tutor Bryony

Find the Eleven Plus tuition membership that best works for you

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11 Plus online tuition

Our online tutoring for 11+ offers online tuition sessions with our English and maths tutors as well as unlimited access to learning resources and online tests. 11 Plus tuition online means your child can practice and prepare from the comfort of home.

Best 11 Plus tuition centres near you

If your child works best in small groups, our learning centres across the country provide an in-person tutoring experience that is tailored to the 11+ exam. With 11 Plus tuition centres everywhere, it’s easy to find experienced 11+ exam tutors near you.

Find 11 Plus tuition near me.

Use our expertise to tackle the exam with confidence.

Experience Explore Learning for yourself and meet our team before you decide in our free trial.


What is the 11 Plus?

What exactly are the 11 Plus and entrance exams, and what type of questions are in the test?

Watch our handy video guide to get the lowdown.

What do our 11 Plus and Entrance Exam courses cover?

Our 11 Plus tuition courses are designed around the skills required for your local exam. Delivered weekly by our dedicated 11 Plus tutors from September to August each year. Whilst children can join courses at any point, we recommend attending from the start to ensure the best chance of exam success.

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Pre-Year 4

This is a foundation course focusing on building concrete maths and English skills – essential for succeeding in exams.

  • Individualised tuition from experienced tutors
  • Stretch and challenge
  • Core maths and English ability
  • Encouraging fearless learning

Year 4 icon

Year 4

Our Year 4 course introduces and practices the content your child will face in the exams.

  • Introduction to exam content
  • Enhancing problem solving skills
  • Awareness of exam etiquette
  • Tackling new concepts
  • Building confidence

Year 5 icon

Year 5

Our Year 5 course develops advanced knowledge, covering all question types covered in the exams.


  • Exam technique
  • Speed and accuracy
  • Advanced maths and English
  • Working under pressure

Year 6+ icon

Year 6+

Continue to excel in the next chapter, where we continue to teach skills and knowledge for success.


  • Positive learning attitude
  • Hone skills in KS2 curriculum
  • Preparation for SATs exams
  • Not afraid to make mistakes
  • Strive to discover more

11 Plus and Entrance Exam course content

We tailor our 11+ tuition offering to suit the schools in your area, including local and independent schools, so you know your child is getting the right personalised preparation they need.


Our 11+ tutoring courses cover the following areas:

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Verbal reasoning

Our verbal reasoning exam preparation increases your child’s vocabulary and reasoning skills using our challenging paper-based and online resources. Read more…

Learn more
Non-verbal reasoning logo

Non-verbal reasoning

Seen as ‘pure intelligence measure’ by examiners, our non-verbal reasoning exam preparation utilises a sophisticated online learning tool. Find out more…

Learn more
11 Plus maths logo

11 Plus maths

Our maths exam preparation will encourage your child to be confident in their arithmetic, speed, reasoning and problem solving skills. All essential for the exam and beyond. Learn more.

Learn more
11 Plus English logo

11 Plus English

Developing comprehension, grammar, vocabulary and writing skills are the focus of our exam preparation English course. Find out more…

Learn more

Try out some 11 Plus questions

If you’re not sure what verbal reasoning or non-verbal reasoning is all about, or if you want to get a better understanding of the kind of knowledge children need for the 11 Plus exams, then try out some practice questions below.

11 Plus quiz

Do you need a tutor to pass the 11 Plus exam?

There’s more to passing the 11 Plus exam than just being excellent at maths and English.

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Building a growth mindset

Learning the correct curriculum to pass the exams is one thing, however our tutors do so much more than that.  Having a tutor ensures that your child is guided and supported at every step of their 11 Plus journey

Our team teach more than just maths and English; they inspire, encourage problem-solving and an ongoing growth mindset to motivate your child to achieve their very best. 

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Progressing academically and encouraging a fearless approach

We believe that children preparing for the 11+ should enjoy the process, take pleasure in learning new skills and in honing existing ones.

They will develop many skills alongside those covered in the exam so that they become a well-rounded, confident 10-year-old not just a child primed to pass a test.  This is definitely the ethos that underpins our 11+ classes at Explore Learning. 

When to start tutoring for 11 Plus

From experience, we know that the best preparation for the exams cannot be achieved in a short period of time.  That’s why our approach is designed to support children in the lead up to, during and beyond the exams.

  • The exams aren’t easy, but we can make them easier by giving your child the skills they need to succeed.  Grammar schools are looking for children with high levels of maths and English skills, as well as the ability to perform under pressure.
  • The good news is that Explore Learning’s 11+ tutors can support your family to prepare for the 11 Plus and entrance exams straight away, working in partnership with you to get the best results.
  • For younger children, attending Explore Learning tailored sessions offers a great foundation in the key maths and English skills vital to future exam success.  However, we commence our specific exam preparation for children in Key Stage 2 (Year 4, following the course through Year 5 and right up to the exams).
  • Therefore, it’s never too early to start preparing for the 11 Plus or entrance exams!
Explore Learning students

11 Plus tuition and so much more

Since 2001, Explore Learning has been nurturing children to not only achieve academic success but to do so with learning habits that will support them through life.

We don’t just want your child to pass an exam, we want them to do it with their head held high and oodles of confidence for all the challenges they face on the next part of their journey. We call these habits fearless learning habits

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How can I help my child pass 11 Plus?

Let’s work as a team.  We want you to be involved with your child’s 11 Plus journey, so that together we can encourage them to try their best.

Set clear expectations together

Have a conversation with your child to firstly identify any concerns. Then try to create some clear behavioural and academic expectations for the year but ensure they have a say. Involving children in creating these may make them try harder to meet these expectations.

Get involved

Try reflecting with your child at the end of each revision session, online learning lesson or practice paper of ways they have managed to overcome any challenges or ask them what has been their highlight.

Work closely with your child’s tutors and teachers

It’s incredibly important that we all work as a team to support your child and that we’re all working from the same page.

We want your opinion on what areas you think your child needs to focus on.  Communicating any home support or school feedback to us is extremely helpful too!

Create a routine

We know from experience that having clear routines will support your child with managing their workload to achieve their best with less stress!

Discuss which days are going to be their revision days and balance time between homework and chill time.

Put yourself in their shoes

We’re all in this together.

Take a look at the below link to take an 11 Plus quiz and be in the know with the type of content and questions that your child will be problem solving.

Practice, practice, practice!

At Explore Learning, our tutors give you and your child personalised feedback and regular parent’s meetings.

It’s important that you and your child talk about this feedback and practise the areas that your tutor highlights for you in between sessions for extra revision.

Explore our free 11 Plus resources