The key to success in the 11 Plus or other entrance exams is high levels of confidence and ability in core maths and English skills. Your child’s speed, accuracy and exam technique will be put to the test and they will need to be able to demonstrate verbal reasoning skills and non-verbal reasoning skills.

The 11 Plus exam that your child sits will differ depending on which area you live in and the school your child is looking to join. Two of the main types of exams are the CEM (Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring) and the GL Assessment. You can find out more about the differences between the two exams, find example questions with our handy guides below and learn more about our 11 Plus tuition offering.


What is the 11 Plus?


What’s the difference between CEM & GL exams?

Learn about GL Exams


Learn about CEM Exams


What happens before and after the exam?


How are the 11 Plus results calculated?

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Not sure which type of exam your child will take? You can use our handy map to search for schools and exam boards in your local area.

Most schools have different testing procedures depending on which area of the country they are in. The format of the tests vary and the admission rules for allocating school places are specific to the area or school.