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Key Stage tuition: KS1, KS2 & KS3

We offer exceptional English and maths tuition to students aged 4-14 and expertly guide them through KS1 and KS2.

With a major emphasis on the National curriculum, we cover the core subjects, including maths, English, as well as multiple additional courses.


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Key Stage 1 overview

Key Stage 1 is the stepping stone of primary school, a stage of education for 5-7-year-old children in Years 1-2.

Topics covered:

Reading comprehension and writing composition
English grammar and punctuation
Spelling and vocabulary
Whole numbers mental fluency
Counting and place value
Shapes and object recognition

Key Stage 2 overview

Key Stage 2 is the bridge between KS1 and KS3. It is taught in Years 3-6, when children are between 7 and 11 years-old.

Topics covered:

Themes, plots and ideas in reading and writing
Figurative language and sentence structure
Punctuation, spelling and grammar
Number and place value
Fractions, decimals and percentages
Measurement and geometry

Key Stage 3 overview

Key Stage 3 is the first three years of secondary education, for students aged 11-14 in Years 7-9.

Topics covered:

Fiction and non-fiction texts
Understanding poetry and longer reading passages
Writing tone and style
Expressions and formulae
Patterns and sequences
Probability and averages

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“Explore helps our daughter ahead of her school lessons or with the current topics she is being taught and provides her with the confidence to contribute more in lessons. We cannot thank the staff enough for the brilliant work they do for the children.

I would urge any parents looking for a trustworthy and useful tutor that isn’t overpriced to consider Explore Learning.”

– Parent, Trustpilot

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Frequently asked questions

How to find an Explore Learning tutor near me?

In-person tutors
If you’re interested in getting started in one of our in-person centres, you can find an Explore Learning tutor near you using our interactive map. You can filter this map to find primary school tutors and secondary school tutors near you.

Online tutors
Simply book your free trial to meet with our team to discuss your child’s needs. We’ll then find the perfect online tutor for you.


How much does Explore Learning cost?

The quick answer is, it depends what you’re looking for.

Our memberships start from £99 per month but we know that tutoring is not one-size fits all. Therefore, we have created multiple membership packages that you can select from for primary tuition or secondary tuition. The price of the membership will depend on multiple factors including whether you want an online or in-person tutor and how often you want your child to see them.

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KS2 tuition explained 

Key Stage 2 is a major transition between Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 3, and we completely understand that it comes with certain challenges for parents and children.

Our support goes beyond maths and English. We also offer tailored SATs tuition, entrance exam support, mock exams practice techniques, and exam style exercises. Our tuition ensures that your child is ready to tackle anything that comes their way.

What is your approach to Key Stage tuition?

We deliver a cutting-edge tuition service that is built on our advanced learning tool, Compass.

Because we value that every child gets to work at their own pace, we develop a bespoke syllabus that responds to the needs of every child. Our curriculums are fully aligned with the National curriculum, and we ensure that every child gets exposed to the right level of subject knowledge, required skills, and right attitude throughout every step of their education journey


What homeschooling support do you offer?

We support homeschool families in a number of ways.

Not only do our homeschooled members receive tutored sessions either in centre or online to complement your teaching, we also give our members unlimited access to their learning tool to practice whenever they choose.

We’ve also developed a few strategies to help support homeschooling parents and give top tips on how to support your child at home. Some of our tips include: celebrating small moments, involving children with the planning, and setting achievable goals. You can check out our full blog here.