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Our brilliant UK based tutors are experts in the school curriculum and getting the best out of every child.

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Has your child lost their love of learning?  Are you looking for a way to engage, stretch or challenge them?

There are a whole host of reasons parents might be looking for maths and English tuition for their child, including to help them at school.  Yet one thing’s for sure, tuition is no longer just for those who are struggling.

We believe that a small of belief can lead to a lifetime of being fearless.

Our expert tutors work closely with you to build and deliver a maths and English programme that is completely tailored to your child’s unique learning goals.

Our memberships not only provide a learning platform fit for your child’s development, but access to a friendly team of experts you can trust, to support your child in a safe, engaging way.

In response to Government guidance, our award-winning maths and English support can be delivered online with Explore at Home by our same experienced maths and English in-centre tutors.

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What will my child learn?

Mastering core maths and English skills will build confidence in a subject, and developing key fearless learning habits will allow for a smoother journey of learning for your child.

Core and applied maths and
English skills

All mapped to the school curriculum.

Key fearless learning

Setting them up to succeed beyond the classroom.

Whether you’re looking for maths and English tuition support for your primary school or secondary school child, once we see that these core foundations are solid, we introduce children to studying skills which put knowledge to use in real-life.

You can’t have one without the other.  Together, this combination of skill sets will provide your child with the platform to be a life-long learner.

Maths Core Skills

  • Subtraction, addition, multiplication & division
  • Decimals, fractions & percentages
  • Geometry, shapes and algebra

English Core Skills

  • Phonics & vocabulary building
  • Comprehension, reading and writing skills
  • Grammar and punctuation

Maths Applied Skills

  • Word problems & problem-solving
  • Money, calendars and telling the time
  • Data handling, probability and reasoning

English Applied Skills

  • Developing a love of reading
  • Reading increasingly challenging materials independently
  • Expressing ideas verbally and confidently

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As a member, you’ll pay a monthly fee for weeekly tuition, unlimited access to your learning programmes and so much more.

Log on, discover and practise

Your child will work with the same tutor every week, building a strong relationship but they can also log in anytime and practise on their own.

Review and make progress

We’ll keep you in the loop every step of the way. You’ll get tailored feedback plus parent’s meetings upon request to discuss their progress and plan ahead.

Learn with our award-winning maths and English tutors

We’ve got 20 years of experience in nurturing children to become fearless and life-long learners.  We’re experts in supporting the whole family to foster a love of discovering their child’s full potential.

All of our maths and English tutors are experts in the school curriculum, teaching methods and how to get the best out of every child.  We recruit bright, enthusiastic, positive role-models who share a passion for education and a desire to make a difference to children’s lives.

Through our years of teaching, we know it’s unlikely that you’ll come across two children with exactly the same motivation to learn.  Since we launched in 2001, we’ve developed a variety of teaching methods, techniques and tools to make every individual tick, and our talented team of tutors make magic happen.

How do our current members feel?

Why our maths and English tuition stands out from the crowd

We’re trusted by parents and recommended by teachers for a reason.  We get results.

How? Our award-winning tailored approach to tuition is brought to life by the most inspirational tutors, who all want to make a difference in children’s lives.  Our unique cutting-edge learning platform, designed by our very own Education Experts, is one-of-a-kind in giving your child the tools they need to succeed.

We’ve won countless awards.  We’re recommended by Netmums and rated ‘Excellent’ on the independent review site Trustpilot.

Education Investor Award Winners

How our maths and English tutors can help your child throughout their academic journey

Our tuition covers maths and English for all key stages and all abilities.

We’re more than just having an extra English and maths lesson here and there.  We’re committed to getting your child to where they need to be.

We believe that every child can fulfil their potential and that education should be magic.

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Meet our superstar Explorers!

We’re incredibly proud of our members and the individual journeys they take with us. Here’s a snapshot of some of the children we’ve helped, why they came to us and how they’ve developed since joining Explore.


Special Educational Needs

“Explore Learning has been like a second home to David, where he is welcomed for who he is and celebrated for what he can do.”


12 years old, Special Educational Needs

David’s mum says: Initially, I decided to sign up to Explore Learning as an attempt to get David to focus on reading and to prepare him for the Year 6 SATs: to get the feel of sitting and answering short questions about what he has read. We continued even after the SATs because David enjoys going there. The regular maths and reading program enables him to focus on what he loves best (maths) and likes least (reading) but which both are important in his academic life.

The tutors at Explore Learning know how to encourage him when he feels frustrated at not understanding something (and consequently getting a low score, which he really hates!) and at the same time, they know enough when to let go and let his imagination and creativity take control.

We have been members for about a year. It seems like a long time already because my son has progressed so much in his reading comprehension and writing skills that it feels we have been there for a lot more than a year!

Read David’s full story


Gifted and talented

“We worked out a programme with Explore to steadily make it more challenging, interesting and fun. Now, Ansh is at much higher levels of reading, writing and mathematics than what is covered in his year 1 curriculum. “


6 years old, gifted and talented

Ansh’s dad says: “At the beginning, we wanted Ansh to have a smooth transition to his school from his day-care; a more structured approached to learning, paying attention and generally being able to concentrate for short periods of time. After our first feedback session in Explore, we realised that Ansh was possibly ahead of the curve in terms of grasp of basic mathematics and also his level of reading and writing.  We feel that he has always been an academically minded child, leaning more towards numbers and alphabets. Explore learning was the perfect option to cover everything we wanted to start Ansh off to having a steady approach to formal learning.

We have always received good and honest feedback on how Ansh has been doing and also very pragmatic advice on where we can go after, say, a goal has been achieved. This really helped us with ensuring Ansh remains enthusiastic about his learning journey.

Since Explore works with the same curriculum as the school it was an extension of his school learning experience. Progressively it is now what he can look forward to in school, in the next year/s”

Tahir and Ehsanoor


Working towards target

Tahir and Ehsanoor

“In a short space of time I have seen significant progress in Ehsanoor’s development, so much so that he has completed his entire SATS test with exceptional results in maths and English. That’s all credit to the Explore Learning team.”


11 years old, working towards targets

Ehsanoor’s dad says: “Making the right choices when it comes to your child’s education is vital and the decision to join Explore was easy. Prior to choosing, Ehsanoor had a private tutor for a number of years and we were not seeing any real improvements or progress and this is when came across Explore Learning. From the offset, I was very impressed with the way the centre was set up, what it had to offer and the support available was great.

There’s a lot of interaction with the tutors. Ehsanoor benefits from sessions if he’s struggling with something at school, like maths or grammar. They sit down and go through it with him. It’s really made a difference to his development.

We monitor Ehsanoor’s progress together. Explore present graphs and charts which show the data they collect from the sessions and we can see that he’s made lots of progress in such a short space of time.


Confidence support

“Explore has helped Keira with confidence and has helped her to get to where she wants to be in her class. She feels happier knowing that she has already seen the work before which gives her a confidence boost at school.”


10 years old, confidence support

Keira’s mum says: “I decided to join Explore because my daughter needed help in maths and English. Explore Learning has supported Keira at school because many of the topics she has encountered at school she has already covered at Explore, which allows her to be confident in these at school.

It isn’t what you think tuition would be like, instead it is made to be fun and enjoyable for all children, from every background. The centre is inclusive and all children are treated equally. The tutors support Keira to develop skills to progress in her learning. They encourage her to challenge herself, step out of her comfort zone and to be independent whilst giving her the extra support she requires.

The tutors and the service motivate the children who perhaps wouldn’t usually want to go and do extra work. Keira always comes out saying how glad she is that she has been that day.”

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