Maths and English Tuition

For 20 years Explore Learning has been delivering
award-winning maths and English tuition for children aged 4-14.

Hundreds of thousands of children have benefited from working on a curriculum tailored to their needs, supported by skilled and dedicated tutors. Not only have they gone on to have academic success, they have done so with great learning habits that will support them through life.



Maths and English tuition to meet your needs

Maths and English form the building blocks of a child’s education. They open up the doors to all other subjects. Whether you are looking to build confidence, fill gaps in learning or stretch and challenge your child,
Explore Learning can help you achieve your goals with our award-winning maths and English tuition.

The Explore Learning approach

Every child has an amazing mind – it’s also completely unique.
Sometimes a little extra nurturing is needed to unlock its full
potential and that requires a unique approach.

At Explore we:


a bespoke, engaging curriculum to each child


it with brilliant tutors


great learning habits


the progress and celebrate success along the way







A bespoke curriculum

An expertly designed resource with comprehensive coverage
of the UK curricula allows us to support your child’s needs,
whether it’s fractions or phonics tuition, spelling or algebra.

Supported by brilliant tutors

Our English and maths tutors are energetic high achievers who really want to make a difference to your child. No challenge is too great with an Explore in-person or online tutor by your side.


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We are mapped to the school curriculum

Developing fearless learning habits

We are proud to develop learners who are not afraid of making mistakes, who talk passionately, put up their hands and know when to ask their maths and English tutor for help. These are habits that help overcome the challenges faced today and in the future.

Maths Core Skills

Subtraction, addition, multiplication & division
Decimals, fractions & percentages
Geometry, shape & algebra

Maths Applied Skills

Word problems & problem-solving
Money, calendars & telling
the time
Data handling, probability & reasoning

English Core Skills

Phonics & vocabulary building
Comprehension, reading & writing skills
Grammar & punctuation

English Applied Skills

Developing a love of reading
Reading increasingly challenging materials independently
Expressing ideas verbally & confidently

Meet our superstar Explorers!

We are incredibly proud of our members and the individual journeys they take with us. Here’s a snapshot of some of the children we’ve helped, why they came to us and how they’ve developed since joining Explore.

12 years old, Special Educational Needs

David’s mum says: Initially, I decided to sign up to Explore Learning as an attempt to get David to focus on reading and to prepare him for the Year 6 SATs: to get the feel of sitting and answering short questions about what he has read. We continued even after the SATs because David enjoys going there. The regular maths and reading program enables him to focus on what he loves best (maths) and likes least (reading) but which both are important in his academic life.

The maths and English tutors at Explore Learning know how to encourage him when he feels frustrated at not understanding something (and consequently getting a low score, which he really hates!) and at the same time, they know enough when to let go and let his imagination and creativity take control.

We have been members for about a year. It seems like a long time already because my son has progressed so much in his reading comprehension and writing skills that it feels we have been there for a lot more than a year!

Read David’s full story

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