Maths Tutors

Award-winning maths tuition for academic success


Mapped to the school maths curriculum, our tutors are experts in supporting children aged 4-14 with: 

Times Tables
Interpreting word problems and problem-solving
Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
SATs practice
Exam technique and critical thinking



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Our maths programs

We believe there’s no such thing as a ‘maths brain.’ Everyone has different capabilities and learning habits, and we help every child find their path and go beyond what they thought was possible.

Our brilliant primary, secondary and 11 Plus tutors bring maths to life, mentoring children to overcome challenges and reach new levels.


A little more about what we do:


Our award-winning maths and English tuition is taught by UK-based tutors who are experts in the school curriculum for primary and secondary.


We work with you to deliver a maths programme that is tailored to your child’s unique learning goals.


Our tutors are focused on getting the best out of every child using Explore’s learning tools.

Primary maths tutors

Our experienced primary maths tutors are on hand to make every lesson engaging and to support your child with conquering any challenges they face as they begin their learning journey. 

  • Confidence with Times Tables
  • Learning to tell the time
  • Interpreting word problems
  • Foundations in addition and subtraction
  • SATs tuition practice 

Secondary maths tutors

We all remember how we felt as we prepared to start our secondary school. Our experienced secondary maths tutors are here not only to support your child as they move through these phases, but to act as role models too!

  • Problem-solving
  • Advanced fraction, decimals and percentages
  • Exam technique for multiple exam boards
  • Interconnecting mathematical concepts
  • Algebra and Geometry
  • GCSE maths tuition

11 Plus maths Tutors

For those taking grammar school examinations, entrance tests or seeking a challenge, our 11 Plus curriculum is designed to give children the exam techniques and etiquette they need to succeed in secondary school and beyond.

  • Advanced maths
  • Speed and accuracy
  • Exam etiquette and technique
  • Resilient attitude towards challenges
  • Working under pressure



Why choose Explore Learning for maths tutoring?

Supports the

Builds confidence
in maths

Boosts essential
maths skills

Prepares them for
the future



How our maths tuition works



In-centre maths tuition

Our UK wide tuition centres are designed to offer engaging teaching experiences.

In-person tutoring for children who benefit from face to face interactions. Our centres are vibrant learning environments to help students reach their academic goals. 

Our centres in England are Ofsted registered.



Online maths tuition

Flexible virtual tutoring with group, one-to-one,
or bespoke membership options.

Via live video stream, our online maths tuition supports your child with their tailored curriculum, adapting their approach as skills arise.

All of our tutors are enhanced DBS checked.



Sounds like a good fit?


What makes a good maths tutor?

Explore’s private maths tutors are hand-picked individuals who are passionate about children’s education.

Good maths tutors are able to identify your child’s learning needs, adapt to different learning styles, and provide safe and comfortable learning spaces; our Explore tutors do all that. With years of experience teaching children, our university-level tutors are committed to being there for your child no matter what.



What to look for in a maths tutor



Meet our expert maths tutors


Meet Casey

It is amazing to see each child make positive relationships with the subject and build upon their skills to complete tricky questions they never thought they could.

I bring my own passion for maths into tutoring by engaging children and making sure they are having fun too!

Meet Kim

I love teaching maths to kids.

When you see them glimmer with understanding and you hear ‘I get it!’ It can be the most rewarding. That’s what teaching is all about.



Our members tell our story



How to help your child with maths


Be their biggest supporter

First comes confidence, then comes success.  Encourage your child to overcome challenges and to see them as an opportunity to learn something new!

Understand the curriculum

Understanding the curriculum and what your child needs to master at each age can support their progress. We can support you with that!

Encourage independent
thinking & learning

Support your child to revise and go over newly learnt skills solo, then ask them to show you their work after. This method encourages children to take control over their own learning.

Promote applied maths

Once your child has the basics mastered, focus on working on applied skills, putting their core knowledge to use in real life scenarios such as baking or reading bus timetables.


Benefits of maths tuition for children


Encourages self-belief

Children thrive when they have self-belief.  Our maths tuition encourages a growth mindset which can support your child in accomplishing great things. 

Creates long-life skills

Our award-winning hands on approach combined with our engaging digital tools help your child to build life–long skills such as problem-solving and critical thinking.

Improves concentration

Our membership provides unlimited access to your child’s engaging, tailored learning program, giving them the opportunity to learn independently and without limits.

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How effective is tutoring?

We may be a bit biased when we say… incredibly effective!

We believe learning starts from a place of self-belief. What have our students achieved? Well, it’s so much more than just good grades. They developed confidence, positive thinking, and a good attitude to learning new skills.

My daughter has improved in maths so much since the tutoring has started.  The tutors are friendly and make you feel very comfortable and I’m overall very happy.

Parent from our Cheltenham centre

They have excelled in giving my son confidence to tackle difficult maths questions and have really empowered him to converse with both children and adults.

Parent from our Hampton centre

Pre-Covid my daughters had both lost their confidence in maths.  Kathryn now loves even double maths and Lucy reports much improved test scores from school maths tests.

Parent from our Wolverhampton centre


Maths tutoring resources


Looking for free maths resources to support your child?

Find free activity sheets and more here!


Frequently asked questions
about our maths tuition


Does tutoring improve grades?

Change doesn’t happen overnight, but tutoring can significantly increase children’s maths skills, social skills, confidence levels, and help them reach their full potential, which are all correlated with achieving better grades.

Generally, students who practice more and have more confidence in their abilities tend to perform better for their class. You can read more about the impacts of tutoring and its efficacy on children’s development in our recent study with The Institute of Education and The University of Reading.

How much do maths tutors cost?

We offer a diverse range of memberships for maths and English tutoring to meet different families’ needs.

Membership prices typically differ based on their frequency per week. Our memberships start from £99 per month.

How long should a tutoring session last?

All of our tutoring sessions last for one hour. At Explore Learning, we believe it is important to integrate both maths and English in the tutoring sessions for children to practice both skills during their lesson. This teaching method has proved successful with children who are less or more confident with certain skills over the others, since it gives them a chance to take breaks from focusing on one subject for too long.

How do you assess maths ability?

Our brilliant learning tool, Compass, is designed to assess students’ maths and English abilities and adapt the curriculum to suit their needs. The tool is not meant to have certain standards that students need to attain, but rather create a bespoke learning programme to meet the child’s needs.

Maths tutors in your area: find your nearest local tuition centre

Interested in getting started in one of our in-person tuition centres and meeting our local maths tutors? 

Find a maths tutor near you using our interactive map.



Get maths support for your child

We know that there’s nothing like speaking to a person to answer any questions. 

You can get started right away by booking a free trial with one of our team. There’s nothing like getting a sense of what the maths lessons are like in real life! Learn more about how the process works, meet the team, and discuss your child’s maths tuition needs.