A fearless start to the year

Why fearless you might ask? And what does this even mean?

For us, a child’s educational journey goes beyond acing a quick spelling test or getting to the top of the class for a term. It’s about building long-lasting confidence that takes them through their entire life, whether it is through developing a ‘have a go attitude’, or knowing it’s ok to put their hand up without fear of a ‘silly’ question being mocked, or simply feeling excited about their next step. It’s about nurturing a sense of pride, and a fearless attitude to learning, so that every child can become their version of amazing.

Our incredible tutors are there to support every step of the way. Rather than a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’, they will ask: “are you sure?” or “can you convince me of your answer?”, allowing children to explore and push the boundaries of their thinking each day.

To celebrate the new year and all of the potential it brings, we would like to offer you a little something to help your child along their fearless learner journey. From the 16th January until the 28th February, you’ll save £50 when you join any one of our maths and English tuition centres.

How do I Save £50?

We can’t wait to meet you and your family and welcome you to Explore! The first stage of becoming an Explore member is to speak to one of our team about what it is you’re looking for.

As each child at Explore has their own learning programme, we want to find out more about your child to ensure the courses we set are right for them – as well as being fun and engaging!

To get started, meet us in person at one of our tuition centres for the opportunity to discuss your child’s requirements in depth and use our special offer.


Terms & conditions

  • Applicable when joining at the full membership rate when you join by 28/02/2017
  • The offer may be used for more than one child from the same family
  • The offer entitles new members to join without paying the registration fee
  • Your induction session must be held by the 15/03/2017
  • Only available at participating centres

Centres not participating in the offer are: Basingstoke, Burnley, Hayes, London Westfield London, Mere Green, Nine Elms, and Orpington.

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We’ve helped over 175,000 children conquer their fears

Our unique learning approach is based on developing a deep understanding of your child’s specific needs and learning style. We use this to build an individualised programme to suit them.

So whatever the stage of your child’s learning, we can provide support that can really make a difference – whether it’s to develop their maths and English skills, help them prepare for important exams or simply to build their confidence.

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A little bit about us and our methods

You know your child better than anyone. That’s why at Explore Learning we feel that getting you involved from the start is crucial to ensure we are supporting your child in the right way.

Our entire membership structure is designed to allow you to be involved every step of the way. From the outset we’ll work with you to design a tailored programme that’s right for your child. As they develop, our regular parents’ meetings keep you up to date with your child’s progress, with specific reports detailing their results in every element of the curriculum and allow you to be part of any course changes we make.

We believe delivering the best standard of education shouldn’t cost the earth.

That’s why we’re offering £50 off our award-winning service at a price that’s accessible for everyone.

Our membership is simple and great value. Childcare vouchers and the childcare element of Working Tax Credits could enable you to save on your monthly membership*, and we also offer a fantastic scholarship scheme which gives a 50% discount to parents receiving Income Support of Job Seekers Allowance. This means anyone can access our award-winning service, because delivering the best standard of education shouldn’t cost the earth. Our members can also take advantage of our ‘Refer a Friend’ scheme, which can reduce their monthly membership to as little as £24 a month – simply by introducing other families to Explore Learning.


*excluding Cardiff, East Kilbride & Aberdeen