Taking your next steps to a New Beginning

May 13, 2020

Girl heading into playground on the first day back at school

Supporting you in taking your next steps to a new beginning.

As we gain new information about the shape of life post-COVID-19, it’s time to reflect on how we’re making the most of this time as a family and planning for the future.

The journey back to school is now on the horizon; whilst the date of return is still hazy, the promise of it has given families a new focus. For most parents, their children returning to school brings mixed emotions – that of relief but also some trepidation. It’s a chance to reset, and the opportunity for our lives to return to something closer to normality. However, does the thought of going back seem near impossible or perhaps even wrong?

The experiences that we’ve shared over the last few months need to matter and so let’s not go back, but instead, take everything we’ve learnt and move forward. We now have an opportunity to evolve, to learn, to grow, and create something positive out of this crisis. Each and every one of us can make this a new beginning.

We’ve put together a 4-step plan to help shape a new beginning for you and your family.


Step One

Reflect – What will you take away from the lockdown experience? We have learnt a lot about our close family during this time and perhaps developed new habits and family practices. What will you keep? Make a note of all the things you have felt grateful over the last few months. Think about ways you can incorporate all the good stuff into your life as you move forward.

This is a unique chance to press the reset button on our lives. If something wasn’t working before in family life then change it. You don’t have to let it back in. Let this time be an opportunity to change our lives for the better.


Step Two

Celebrate the learning – You may worry that your child has not done enough of the school work sent home. Remember learning comes in many different guises. Think about this as a family – what skills have you all learnt or developed? Are you feeling stronger from the Joe Wicks workouts? Have you read a different kind of book? Cooked new foods? Played new games? Stretched your imagination?

There are many things that you and your children will have tried and it’s important to celebrate them. Write them down and praise the effort everyone has made in getting through this time.


Step Three

Start the conversation – What are your kids most looking forward to when they go back to school? Get excited but also talk about how things may have to be different with social distancing. What are they worried about? If there are subjects, friendships or any elements of the school day concerning your child then raise them with their teacher before you return.

Ask advice about how you can support your child and make a plan together. We have this unique window of time where issues can be addressed – let’s make the most of it.


Step Four

Take action – Get ready. It’s the longest break from school most have ever experienced, even with the lessons from teachers there will be some learning that needs refreshing. Revising basic maths and English facts is a great way to get prepared. If you need a helping hand check out Explore Learning’s live lessons or one-to-one tutorials to give your child a confidence boost.

Make sure you’ve got all the resources needed too – no doubt all these weeks spent not wearing school shoes mean a new pair is required along with summer uniforms! New shoes have an uncanny way of making you feel ready for a new experience though and that’s what this should be – a new enthusiastic beginning.


Shaping your new journey and how Explore at Home can help

Our approach has always been to ensure learning is tailored to you and your family. The coronavirus pandemic accelerated forward many of our future plans; in adapting our vibrant learning centres to give our families the same individualised tutoring online. Our online tuition platform, Explore at Home, launched 8 weeks ago, and since then we have tutored over 100,000 one-to-one sessions with our members across the UK.

We are incredibly proud of how positively many families have responded to our service, and the impact it is having on children’s learning and growth, too. This is why we’re happy to announce that our online service is here to stay!

As we look to the future, Explore Learning will offer families the opportunity to visit our learning centres, receive tuition online or have a combination of both! Whichever way you shape your new beginning, we can help you every step of the way.



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