Explore’s tutors share their top tips for transitioning back to school

August 27, 2020

Our Explore tutors are here to share their top tips for transitioning back to school. Things might look a little different this year but our tutors are still here to support you.


Summer holidays may be over, but the adventure continues. It’s back to school like never before. Why should the fun stop now?

We’ve faced so much change throughout the lockdown journey and learnt a lot along the way. It’s important not to forget what made us great over that time and use this to feel prepared.

The adventure of life is to learn, and at Explore, we believe that greatness is achievable for every child this school year. Our own tutors have been so proud of how much perseverance our members have showcased over the last few months, and are ready to support you to succeed and reach your full potential.

Here they are, sharing their top tips with you on helping you to feel confident and prepared for getting back to learning:


Explore Tutor: Max, Walton

Max, Tutor, Walton:

  • Don’t compare yourself to others

“Everyone has their own strengths, even if you aren’t aware of yours! The best person to compare yourself to is yourself. Do you know something that “past-you” didn’t? That’s progress!”

  • How to establish routine again

“Don’t jump in at the deep end, gradually pace yourself by making a brief timetable and ticking off as you go. The most important thing is a consistent sleep pattern – not having enough sleep can be equivalent to leaving your brain in bed!”

Check out our handy summer holiday and back to school planners to get prepared! 

  • How to keep your child confident with topics they don’t understand

“Remember that this situation is unprecedented and has affected everyone in different ways. Start by mastering the basics and work your way up gradually through practise! It’s easy to focus on the negatives when things get tricky, so focus on taking pride in the little things you do know and do achieve!”


Ashika, Tutor, Purley:

  • How to stay enthused if 11 Plus / entrance exams are postponed

“You have worked this hard, don’t give up now! It’s the last hurdle and remember you now have more time to work extra hard and do the best you can do. Keep in mind this time could be the extra time you needed.”

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Explore Tutor: Nicole, Colchester


Nicole, Tutor, Colchester:

  • Getting social again

“It might have been a long time since your child saw their friends. Try to arrange a meet up with their friends before going back to school to ease any worries your child might have.”


Pam, Tutor, Romford:

  • Pick your battles! 

“Does it really matter if your child completes their school work at their desk while standing or doing the floss dance?  Emphasising what is important – finish your sums with neat workings – and deemphasising what is not – yes, okay, you can wear your princess onesie! – demonstrates your values to children and allows them to know that they have some agency.  You get to choose the important things like what gets done, and they have power too – on how it gets done.  Win-win!”


Explore Tutor: Lauren, Walton


Lauren, Tutor, Walton:

  • What to tell them when they say they can’t

“If you don’t feel confident about a topic…don’t panic. People learn things at different paces but don’t be afraid to ask your teacher for help. Use the teaching method that works best for you to learn tricky topics e.g if you are a visual learner then create mind-maps.”


Explore Tutor: Bea, Purley


Bea, Tutor, Purley:

  • Reach your full potential

“In two words: Be Fearless! You can be your best simply by just getting stuck in and trying your hardest in everything you do. Everyone makes mistakes! The most important thing is learning from our mistakes so we can improve and master more skills. The sky is the limit when you stay fearless!”

Check out how our tutors use our ‘Fearless Four’ reward and recognition scheme.

Stephanie, Tutor, Purley:

  •  Get involved

“Reflect with your child at the end of the school day of ways they have managed to overcome any challenges or what has been their highlight.”

Explore Tutor: Niamh, Walton


Niamh, Tutor, Walton:

  • Setting expectations is not just a job for parents!

“Ensure you have a conversation with your child (before the academic year starts) to understand how they are feeling and identify any concerns. Try to create some clear behavioural and academic expectations for the year but ensure your child has a say. If your child feels they are involved in creating these then they will try harder and take ownership of the expected standards set.”


  • One study style does not fit all!

“Allow your child to look at a variety of study styles to work out what is the best method for them to complete their work to the best of their ability. I love the ‘Pomodoro time-management technique’ for revision as it is short 25-minute bursts of intense work followed by a nice break.”


Our interactive and inspirational online tuition platform and learning centre tuition is brought to life by our experienced tutors. Experts in boosting confidence and supporting your child to thrive academically. Why choose us? See how our brilliant people make us unique.


Transitioning back to school? Let us help you get them ready for another year of fearless learning.


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