Back to school? No worries!

August 08, 2019

Heading back into the school routine can feel overwhelming for both parents and children. Fear not! Here are some tips to ease you and your child back into the routine of the school day.

Students having fun with teacher in the classroom at school

Preparation is key

Children’s bedtimes are often pushed back over the holidays and with lazy evenings come lazy mornings! We can find ourselves every morning reminding the children what they need to achieve to get out of the house on time. Why not set a challenge? See if they can to complete their morning routine of getting their school uniform on and brushing teeth quicker than the previous day, or doing the tasks without being asked for the chance to earn points!

Be kind to yourself by deciding on breakfast and lunch the evening before, laying out the school clothes and packing the bags in the evening, this all helps to relieve the stress levels in our busy mornings.


Keep up the fun

As tough as it is for adults to adjust from holiday mode, it is even tougher for children. One thing that really helps with this is to make an effort to keep up the fun once they are back at school. You can do this by getting your child focused on the things they enjoy and have to look forward to. Picking their favourite lunch or snack for school or inviting a friend for a play date after school can all help. Planning fun activities to do as a family each weekend helps your child look forward and get excited about what is ahead.


Plan ahead

Going back to school comes with a list of all-important dates to remember, from parents’ meetings to school trips. The family calendar becomes your best friend and it allows everyone in the family to know what is happening to help prepare. Encourage and praise your child for reminding you what is happening at school each week so they can start to take more responsibility. Planning in all activities really helps too, therefore everyone knows what to expect which helps to get back into the swing of normal life much quicker.


Set goals

It may feel daunting looking ahead at the school year, knowing what your child will be striving to achieve. Why not create some goals for the year ahead together? These could be academic goals or to develop a skill or attitude. Help your child to break it down into bite-size chunks to achieve each month, that way they will feel inspired to work towards them and there will be lots of opportunity for praise and encouragement along the way. Let the team at Explore Learning know what you decide at your next parents meeting so we can support you along the way.

For help and support with making the most of the new school year, get in touch with the team at your Explore Learning centre today!


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