Discover More Festival with Explore Learning

July 31, 2020

Looking for something to ignite imagination and inspire curiosity in your child this summer?

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We’ve got you covered! Introducing the Discover More Festival with Explore Learning; an exciting virtual festival with a jam-packed line up full to the brim of workshops, live lessons, Q&As galore! It’s a two-week adventure that will keep your child asking to discover more…

Many of us had dreamed this summer of festivities and fun, whether it was a trip away or a local staycation – we’ve all had to re-jiggle our holiday plans.

School has been out since March – you’ve all recently taken on new job roles as your child’s teacher and now ‘schools officially out’ the job description has blossomed into also becoming your child’s entertainer too.

So many of you have already told us that your priority is the balance of your child still being a kid and enjoying their summer break, alongside the need to keep their minds ignited with passion and learning.

What is Discover More Festival?

Explore Learning want to support you. Discover More Festival is a two-week virtual land of discovery; we’ve got it all.

Workshops that will inquisitively drive creativity. 11 Plus Q & A sessions with our education experts to answer all those niggly questions you might have about the 11 Plus and our exam tuition course. We also have the keen adventurer, explorer and presenter of CBBC’s Deadly 60, Steve Backshall, helping children across the UK to create their own adventure story!

We will be announcing our full festival line-up soon so make sure you keep checking in but these are just some of the wonderful workshops we will be running:

  • Explore blogging – Our experts will talk your child through 4 easy steps to create their very own blog.
  • Discover the Romans – We’ll travel back to explore whether the Romans lived in your town and what that may have looked like.
  • Explore the magic in maths – Together, we will look at fun maths facts, puzzles and shapes which seem like they could be magic!
  • Introduction to Coding – This one is perfect for creatives and tech enthusiasts alike!

The festival will also feature interactive sessions, live lessons and activities to keep the festivities alive and going all summer long.

Want in? Everyone’s welcome! Come and join us at Discover More Festival and get a heads up on what’s happening and when. You can also sign up for our newsletter to be the first to hear about our exciting festival line-up!

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