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Education in heaven

January 05, 2018

A member from our Urmston centre decided to write an essay about his experience at Explore Learning, and it really made us smile!

Aysin has been a member of our Manchester Urmston centre for four years and had his last session with us recently as he’s now in year 10 at school. One of his learning goals was to write an essay and on his last day in the centre, Aysin chose to write his essay all about his time at Explore Learning! It is such a touching tale of his journey with us that the team in the centre all shed a little tear when they read it!

We had to share it with you to celebrate Aysin achieving his goal and celebrate his time with us, so here it is:

“Explore Learning is what I call education in heaven. The best place to learn new things and improve on things you already know. Similarly, school is the same but the only difference is Explore Learning helps you learn and perfect what you have learned in school. On the other hand the actual place is fantastic.

The staff are kind and do their job extremely well. They are honestly the most helpful people you can find. Also they are humourous which is like a source, mainly for the little members, to keep them motivated and in the best possible mood. I would definitely recommend anyone join because it is fantastic to come here and everyone who is still in school deserves to join too.

Furthermore the chemistry between the Explore Learning team is excellent. Like a football team they work together and in all my years at Explore Learning I have never seen any signs of negativity to one another, or even to members whether they are young, old, big or small.

Explore Learning to me is like a home. A home in which you are welcome. Looking into the screens seems like my future is getting charged up and getting ready for me to explore. Each tutor more helpful than the other. I feel that a part of me has attached here. This place always had a calm atmosphere and makes me happier than ever.

When I work it feels like the whole world is in slow motion. The work I do puts me closer and closer to my goals. Explore Learning can definitely help you achieve things you may have thought was unachievable. Ever since then I knew nothing is impossible and believe to always have limits to be limitless. When I grow up, and so do my fellow peers in this centre, we will look back to what a lovely past I have had and know that Explore Learning was indeed one of the best things that possible could have happened.”

We will miss Aysin but hopefully we’ll get to hear all about the wonderful things he achieves in the future!

If the idea of ‘education in heaven’ is just what you’re looking for to help your child unlock their imagination and discover the magic of learning, then give us a call to find out more about Explore Learning!


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