Explore Learning launches Explore at Home

April 01, 2020

Student on the computer using Explore at home

Explore Learning launches Explore at Home. With hundreds of our experienced tutors on hand to teach children at home and ‘Keep Education Going’.

Explore Learning is excited to announce the launch of Explore at Home – our new online learning service that allows children across the UK to continue to meet their educational goals and ‘Keep Education Going’.

What is Explore at Home?

The offering provides families with remote and unlimited access to an individual online learning course. Along with a whole range of fun and downloadable resources that will support your child at their specific level. 

A key benefit of Explore at Home is the weekly, hour-long, 1:1 session that your child will have with one of our expert centre tutors. These sessions aim to give support and peace of mind to you as parents educating your child at home. 

Additionally, Explore at Home is tailored to the educational needs of children and aligned to the national curriculum. 

How will the online sessions work?

Your child will work through their own individual courses with online face-to-face interaction with one of our fantastic tutors. The support and encouragement from the tutor ensures that your child can continue to enjoy their education. Furthermore, this will help them feel confident to make progress outside of a classroom setting. At the end of the session, the tutor will provide feedback to you and your child.  

As parents, you will also have regular progress meetings with a member of your centre management team. Most importantly, the meetings will ensure that your child is supported emotionally and academically through this tricky time.

In addition to the one-to-one session covering Explore at Home’s maths and English tuition offering, our Specialist tuition courses: Creative Writing, Succeed in Secondary and the Eleven Plus are also available for members and the sessions will be delivered by tutors in a 6:1 ratio.

Bill Mills, CEO of Explore Learning, said: “Over the coming weeks, providing the proper educational support for children is going to be front of mind for many parents in such uncertain times. With ‘Explore at Home’ we have been able to replicate our winning in-centre formula to ensure that children across the UK can log on, enjoy learning and keep their educational goals alive.”

Introducing Mid-Morning Maths with Bobby Seagull!

In line with the launch of Explore at Home, and to offer further help as you teach your child at home, we are thrilled to also be partnering with celebrity mathematician and teacher Bobby Seagull, who will be running free Mid-Morning Maths sessions live-streamed via our official Facebook channel. 

Starting Monday 6th April at 10 am, the lessons will be available to everyone. 

Celebrity mathematician Bobby Seagull said: “It is crucial that children keep learning and keep their minds sharp while they can’t attend school. I truly hope that my Mid-Morning Maths sessions with Explore Learning can help parents make that possible. Keeping the sense of curiosity and investigation alive despite these difficult times.”

There will also be regular Bobby Brainteasers to keep the whole family thinking overnight. You will find these on all our social media channels.

For more information  about Explore at Home and how it can support your family please call us on 01483 447414. Or book a free online trial of Explore at Home below. 



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