Explore Learning Writers’ Awards 2020 Winners! 

November 20, 2020

Explore Learning Writers' Awards winner at school

Greg James crowns the Writers’ Awards 2020 winners and the overall winning Writer of the Year!

Explore Learning Writers’ Awards 2020 winners are finally here! Congratulations to our Key Stage champions Liyana AliButt, Heidi Ashton and Ellanean Jarvis!  

These talented bunch of writers have won their fictional battle for the Explore Learning Writers’ Awards, against huge amounts of other writer’s nationwide to gain victory and take their places as the top 3 hidden talents story writers! 

Writer's Awards winner Liyana AliButt Writer's Awards winner Heidi Ashton Writer's Awards winner Ellanean Jarvis

Key Stage 1 Winner
Liyana AliButt

Key Stage 2 Winner
Heidi Ashton

Key Stage 3 Winner
Ellanean Jarvis

There’s going to be big celebrations for Heidi, from Wells, Somerset, as she’s been chosen by Greg James as the overall winner and Explore Learning Writer of the Year! 

“A huge thank you to all the brilliant young writers who took part in the Explore Learning Writers’ Awards for 2020. Congratulations to all of you for setting aside some time to explore your imaginations. More than anything, I hope you enjoyed creating something anew from your brain. In this terrible excuse for a year I got a lot of joy from reading the stories submitted. The decision to pick one overall winner was tough but I’m delighted to announce Heidi Ashton as the champion of this year’s awards.” – Greg James  

Our KS1 winner Liyana from Twickenham and our KS3 winner Ellanean from Milton Keynes, gripped us with their story entries! Lilyana, aged 7, and Ellanean, aged 13, have won themselves each an iPad, Apple Pencil, Smart Keyboard and £250 towards an experience day of their choosing coming their way! 

It was our KS2 winner Heidi’s story, that Greg James chose as the overall winning story! Heidi’s tale is a true example of incredible personification writing! Her writing talent has bagged her a 13-inch MacBook Pro to continue her creative writing, alongside an additional £750 to continue to discover her talent! 

“Heidi’s piece is written from the perspective of an old musical instrument that had been abandoned in a dusty shed. I loved how imaginative it was and clearly, Heidi has a flair for telling interesting and hopeful stories. I absolutely loved reading it. It was unique and I was hooked throughout, desperate to learn the fate of the discarded guitar.” – Greg James


Not only that, but Heidi had a very special surprise from a very special guest…

Greg James visited Heidi’s primary school, Wells Cathedral School, albeit via video call due to the current circumstances! He was delighted to present her the awards as the overall winner of the 2020 Explore Learning Writers’ Awards. I think it’s more than safe to say that Heidi and her friends were certainly shocked! 

Here’s what Greg said:

“I’ve truly had a fantastic time being this year’s guest judge. We received thousands of imaginative entries, and the stories this year took me on all sorts of different adventures. They truly brought the joy of writing to life. This person’s entry was beyond imaginative and captivating. A true example of writing finesse! A talent within itself. Without further ado, I would like to announce the winner of this year’s Explore Learning Writer’s Awards for 2020 is Heidi Ashton.” – Greg James. 


Check out the top 10 entries from each Key Stage!


What a year it has been for so many! We sincerely hope that the Writers’ Awards brought joy and a love of writing back for children Nationwide. Until next year! 

Thank you to all the budding writers who entered the Explore Learning Writers’ Awards for 2020, I really enjoyed reading all of the stories submitted. Well done to you all, you should all be very proud of yourselves and I hope your friends and family enjoy your stories as much as I did!” – Greg James

If you know of a budding top author or perhaps a child who’s got writer’s block, inspire their talents with our creative writing course.

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