#NowICan – Mia and Saskia’s progress!

July 25, 2016

#NowICan - Mia and Saskia's progress!

Two stars of our #NowICan video, Mia and Saskia, have been very busy working on their summer learning goals – find out how they have been getting on here!

Mia would like to learn how to bake an impressive three-tiered cake, and her sister Saskia is helping her dad to build a stylish wendy house!

Mia – update 4

“Today I have made a simple three-tiered cake. The cake is chocolate and is covered in chocolate and double cream. This time I made the top two tiers and that made the baking a lot easier.

So today I have made the bottom tier. I made it a bit different though. This time I didn’t add cocoa powder, which made it a normal vanilla cake. Instead, I added coconut flakes inside of it. This recipe was different because you had to add boiling water to it. Honestly, I thought that it was a bit weird.

When I put it in the oven, I noticed that the mixture was a bit thicker than it was when I added the water.
When I took it out of the oven it wasn’t done. So when it was finally done I put it onto a cake rack and put it outside to cool off. When it was fully cooled off, I put some of the chocolate and double cream on it and put on the top tiers.

Mia with cake

Thank you so much for the experience”

Saskia – update 4

“This is what my dad and I did on the Wendy house.
I helped daddy finish off the drilling of the sidewall. I got to use an electric drill with daddy’s help. It felt weird because it kept on moving off the screw!!

I also helped my daddy build the door by measuring the bits of wood, that would make the frame. I helped attach the door to the door frame. The wood was a bit heavy, but I managed.
We have the paint, to paint the inside and outside of the Wendy House. I can’t wait!!!”

Saskia's wendy house

Mia – update 3

“This week I have made a chocolate fudge cake.
I decided to bake a chocolate fudge cake because my final cake would be a chocolate cake. To make a regular chocolate cake would have been boring, so I searched up a different recipe that had chocolate cake, and another texture. We also went shopping to buy all the correct ingredients so it wouldn’t go wrong, like the last time.

Making the chocolate cake was easier, as I had made a chocolate cake before. This cake had a twist, though. It had coconut flakes and ground hazelnuts inside of it and had orange extract. The cake also didn’t have any flour in it.

The fudge was a little harder but we did have all the ingredients. I had to do a lot of cooking on the stove though which was harder than I thought. The fudge didn’t look like the colour in the picture but it still tasted ok.

Hopefully, the next bake I do will be a regular chocolate cake. I am really enjoying this project and it is also teaching me different skills for baking.”

Saskia – update 3

“This is what I did with my dad.
I learned how to use an electric saw, a hammer and a screwdriver. I also measured a length of wood, for the side window.

I was feeling very excited because I’d never used those tools before!!!!!!! The electric drill and the saw were dangerous, but I was allowed to use it, as my dad helped me. When I used the electric drill, it was vibrating in my hands!

The Wendy house has all the walls built- I think. Now, all we have to do is put it together.”

Mia – update 2

“This week I have made lime cupcakes. I loved the aspect of this cake because it had a different flavour to the other cakes I have made in the past. When I was making the mix I noticed that the ingredient were different and interesting. Using lime zest and juice was different and I would have never thought of using it. now the base was a lot more easier and when it came out of the oven it had completely risen. when I was mixing all the ingredients together, there was lime zest in there but when it cooked they had all gone.

The icing was the hardest part of the cake because you needed to have 450g of cream cheese but I only had 300g. So I decided that it needed to become thicker so I added more icing sugar. That saved the day for my cake. the icing was perfect for me at least.

Mia's cupcakes

when I tasted the cake I knew that I was so good at baking and it was so yummy. I love baking and I am very passionate about it as well. I also loved to decorate it with all the 100 and 1000s.”

Saskia – update 2

“Here is my diary for my project for week 2, for building a Wendy house. This is what I did!
I was measuring and marking the wood to see how much we had to cut off and how much we needed to build the left hand wall of the Wendy house. It was really fun work to do! It was the first time I was marking and measuring with my dad.

While my dad was sawing the wood,I got to play a little bit, because there was a blade. The dust went everywhere and all over the chairs.”

Mia – update 1

“Today I decided to bake something for my Explore Learning project. I looked through my recipe book and chose the nutty millionaire shortbread. When I finally got my mother to agree I washed my hands, looked for the recipe and got all my ingredients together. Firstly I decided to bake the shortbread. It wasn’t very hard at all. Next came the hardest thing of all the nutty caramel. That turned out to be a DISASTER because we didn’t have any honey to keep it together, so instead, I used syrup. That turned it into an even bigger disaster.

Closer to the end I gave up. Seriously that didn’t look anything like a nutty millionaire shortbread.


I know that there has been a lot of things that have gone wrong, but here is another. The other disaster was that we didn’t have enough chocolate to put on it. I had to use mini smarties. There wasn’t enough and it wasn’t the correct chocolate, so it didn’t melt.

Well, I guess I had a lot of fun so that makes that bake a whole lot better :)”

Saskia – update 1

“Here are some pictures of my daddy and I starting work on our Wendy house.

It was a lot of fun measuring and using a saw to cut wood and a hammer.”

Making a wendy house

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