Meet the National Young Writer of 2018!

June 18, 2018

Congratulations to 8-year-old Mia Falatoori from Churchfields Junior School in London who has been crowned the winner of our National Young Writers’ Awards 2018!

Mia Falatoori, Young Writer Awards Winner, 2018 with David Walliams

The team from Explore Learning and competition judge David Walliams surprised Mia with an assembly at her school, Churchfields Junior School in South Woodford, and presented her with the first prize – a family trip to Disneyland Paris! Mia’s school was awarded £500 worth of books for all the students to enjoy.

David Walliams said: “I was overwhelmed by the quality and creativity of the stories I read in the National Young Writers’ Awards and was so impressed that this broad range of exciting ideas have come from such young writers.  Each piece of writing drew me in and kept me captivated by clever and observant story lines and engaging characters.

I picked Mia’s story because it really made laugh. I love funny stories and this is one of the funniest pieces of writing I have read in ages.  The images that are painted in your head when you read it are hilarious – I only wish I had written it myself!  I am sure this winning writer will be a big success and a wonderful writer for children one day if she wants to be!”

Deborah Falatoori, Mia’s Mum said: ”We are incredibly proud of Mia’s achievement in winning this national award and excited to be sharing her happiness with her school and friends. Mia’s passion for writing has been very evident from a young age and we enjoy supporting her wholeheartedly — always looking forward to her next story that she captures from her imagination.”

Mia Falatoori, Young Writer Awards Winner, 2018 at school

You can read Mia’s winning story here:

The Mum with the Toxic Bum

My mum loves pickled onions, I hate them. They look horrible – like eyeballs floating in a jar, they smell even worse and I can only imagine the taste….. uuuuggggghhhhhhhh…….

This is a story about my mum and her love of pickled onions and how together they saved the day!

Crunch crunch, my mum is eating pickled onions… again, I’m holding my nose. We were just popping out to the shops when she popped two in her mouth ‘for the journey.’

We live in a city, people think fill of crime and criminals, but it’s not all bad. I love my school, my friend, my pets and family. There’s always something to do or somewhere to go. We were just off shopping one Saturday afternoon. Walking along the road I saw someone looking a bit suspicious. I tugged my mums arm when he started following us. Next thing I knew as the man was about to snatch my mums bag ……. She FARTED!!!! She let out a huge loud long fart!!!! The man froze, sniffed and fainted!!! My mum didn’t even notice!

Next we jumped on the tube, it was very busy. I spied another dodgy character dipping his fingers into people pockets and taking their belongings. I tugged my mums arm again, it must have shocked her as she FARTED again! It was more a whooshing sound this time; I’d say it was an SBD (Silent but Deadly).

People on the train were in shock, holding their noses. At the next station everyone jumped off gasping for air! The pickpocket was trapped, frozen in the carriage. My mum didn’t know what was going on?

At the shops, we were buying MORE pickled onions! I saw yet another sneaky figure wandering through the aisles. He kept looking over his shoulder and was wearing a big coat even though it was a warm day. I followed him to observe his suspicious activities – he was a thief! He was filling his coat pocket with lots of goods – I needed to tell someone – and fast.

I was about to report him to the store manager, when my mum appeared – running towards the checkout with her trolley full of pickled onions. She spotted me with happiness after I had gone off being a detective. She was so relived she’d found me, she let out an almighty TRUMP. This trump was like nothing before – it was powerful blast and blew the thief’s coat right off revealing all the stolen goods.

The police arrived and arrested the crook, putting him in the back of the police car with two other baddies whose eyes were staring forwards and watering.

See, my mum with her toxic bum was a hero and she didn’t even know it. She thought she’d hit the jackpot when the store manager gave her a lifetime supply of pickled onions (poor me) and the police gave me a gold medal shaped like a pickled onion!!


*As written by Mia Falatoori

A report by the National Literacy Trust has found that half of children and young people in 2017/18 said that they either only enjoy writing a bit or not at all. We want every child to love writing! Find out how we work with families to achieve this…

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