Does ‘tailored’ really mean tailored?

May 19, 2019

We have 37,000 members who attend our tuition centres, so how can we possibly meet all their needs? This is an excellent question which we answer in this blog post…

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Have you ever bumped into a teacher from years ago who somehow remembers your name? People who work in education all seem to have a superhuman memory when it comes to children they have helped!

At Explore Learning, we have always believed that the best way to support children with making great progress is to get to know them as individuals. The more we know about each child, the better we can design a membership that will work for them. So how do we do this and why choose us?

  • Incredible tutors: We only hire tutors who are excited to get to know your children, who are passionate about helping them make progress and are driven to keep learning how to be a better educator. This means that they can adapt to whatever your child needs in their sessions and help them relax, learn and enjoy themselves!
  • Parent involvement: Starting right from the trial before you are even a member, you help us to design your child’s initial membership and help us improve it in each parents’ meeting you attend.
  • The best tools: Our curriculum supports every child in achieving their personal learning goals. Our cutting-edge digital tools and traditional paper-based methods strike the perfect balance of interactive and tailored learning.
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Charlotte Gater, our Head of Education, answers some of the common questions about how we ensure every child is catered for – no matter what their skills or challenges are.

Q: Why does Explore use a 6:1 ratio? Wouldn’t I be getting more for my money with a 1:1 tutor?

A: This is a very logical deduction to make and we understand why parents might feel this way when they start out looking for tuition. While it’s true that a child won’t have the tutor right next to them for the whole session at Explore, we are convinced that this helps our members build the skills they need to make better academic and personal progress overall.

Children are much more likely to make progress if they can focus on their work without someone with them the whole time, as this gives them the chance to problem-solve difficult tasks themselves rather than giving up.

At Explore, we try to bridge the gap between school (where your child may have one teacher with up to 35 children) and having more personalised support – hence the 6:1 ratio. This means that our tutors can keep a close eye on your child while they are learning, but our members also learn skills vital for succeeding in school. These include staying focused on their work when they are finding it hard, what to do when they need help but no-one is free and how to persevere when something is tough.

Educators have known for a while that children don’t become independent and confident learners by getting everything right all the time – they build confidence and move on to harder work by learning that if they keep using their mistakes to improve, they can tackle anything!

Q: But what if they are stuck and the tutor isn’t free?

A: Our tutors keep an eye out for anyone with their hand up or who is looking puzzled. If they are already helping someone they will ask the child to use the skills they would in school: re-read the question, use a working out book to break it down or have a think about what step 1 to solving the problem will be. Often the child can overcome their problem independently but once free, the tutor will check-in and support as necessary or praise them for tackling the question independently.

Q: Can you tell me more about SEND?

A: As the saying goes: “If you know one child with SEN… you know one child with SEN”. Children with additional needs are no different from any other child, in that what works for one child may not work for another. It’s getting to know them that makes the difference. Our most powerful tool in getting it right for your child is you! Parents know their child better than anyone and your knowledge is invaluable. We welcome school reports and other feedback to plan our part in helping your child fearlessly achieve their goals. If something isn’t working, we encourage parents to tell us so that we can adapt to your child’s learning in the centre.

Our tutors are trained to understand what strategies and tools are most likely to support a child with SEND. Our on-screen learning tools are designed to support all learners with brilliant audio and visual features to engage. We are also well equipped with aids that they may use at school/home such as pencil grips, wobble cushions and tangle toys. Uniquely, we provide opportunities for social progress if that is your child’s goal – members can play, relax and interact with other children in our Surf Club area. You can find out more about SEND and how we help here.

At Explore Learning there’s no ‘one size fits all’, no magic approach, we just work hard to ensure that we get to know your child and support their growth from the second they step through the door. Get in touch with your local centre team to find out more.


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