Free Mid-Morning Maths with Bobby Seagull

April 02, 2020

Mid-Morning Maths with Bobby Seagull banner

Introducing Mid-Morning Maths with Bobby Seagull! 

In line with the launch of Explore at Home, and to offer further help as you teach your child at home, we are thrilled to also be partnering with celebrity mathematician and teacher Bobby Seagull, who will be running free online maths lessons every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, live-streamed via our official Facebook channel.

Starting Monday 6th April at 10am, the lessons will be available to everyone. The free Mid-Morning Maths tuition sessions will last 30 minutes, with a 15 minute Q&A with Bobby for parents at the end, and will cover one topic across a week. The lessons will be tailored to children aged 4-7 on Mondays, 7-11 on Wednesdays, and 11-14 on Fridays.

Celebrity mathematician Bobby Seagull said: “It is crucial that children keep learning and keep their minds sharp while they can’t attend school. I truly hope that my Mid-Morning Maths tutoring sessions with Explore Learning can help parents make that possible. Keeping the sense of curiosity and investigation alive despite these difficult times.”

There will also be regular Bobby Brainteasers to keep the whole family thinking overnight. You will find these on all our social media channels.

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Missed a session? Not to worry, we are uploading each session and a downloadable maths activity here.

For more information about online tuition with Explore at Home and how it can support your family please call us on 01483 447414.

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