Fun Easter activities for children and families

April 05, 2022

Bunnies, chocolate and time off school – Easter provides an ‘eggcellent’ opportunity to catch up on family time, relax and have fun!

With two weeks to fill, we’ve come up with some fun Easter activities for children and families. Whether you’re looking forward to some time at home, or ready to get out and about – discover our ideas for Easter…


Child painting a bunny face on an egg as an Easter activity for children


When is Easter this year?

For the 2022 Easter holidays, most schools are off for two weeks between the 4th and 18th of April. 

  • Good Friday is on the 15th of April
  • Easter Sunday is on the 17th of April 
  • Easter Monday is on the 18th of April


How to spend Easter at home

Looking for ways to keep them entertained over the two-week break? From crafts to games – discover our list of fun and easy Easter children’s activities!


Games to play at Easter

It’s time to get silly with these simple Easter-inspired games…


Balance the egg

How many eggs can you balance on your body before one cracks? This is a fun game to play with the whole family but it can get messy!


Easter bingo

Create an Easter themed bingo card or print one out from the internet. The first person to get a line or a full house wins an egg! Perfect for a rainy day at home. 


Happy family enjoying Easter treats around the table


Easter crafts activities

Discover some creative crafts for kids and parents…


Make a bird feeder

With just a few everyday items, you can make a biodegradable bird feeder to keep in your garden. This is a lovely way to get children excited about nature. Once you’ve finished crafting, you can do some birdwatching and learn about the different types of birds that come and visit!

Follow this BBC bird feeder guide to learn more.


Salt dough decorations

Salt dough is relatively easy to make and can provide a few hours of quiet fun. Once they are complete, they can be used to decorate the house ready for Easter gatherings. 

Use this guide on how to make a salt dough easter egg.


Egg decorating

Egg decorating is great for practising fine motor skills. Children will have to be delicate so they don’t break their masterpiece!

Here are some ideas on how to decorate your eggs:

  • Marble eggs with food colouring
  • Use paint
  • Or felt tip pens
  • Stick pom-poms on in fun colours
  • Create patterns with Washi tape
  • Use pipe cleaners to fashion bunny ears
  • Turn eggs into animals or fruit and veg

Homemade Easter cards

Create some Easter art that you can send to family and friends. Here are some ideas for kids to get creative with:


  • Origami cards
  • Use handprints to create patterns
  • Create an Easter collage using magazines or newspapers from around the house


Origami egg cups

Did you know you can craft an egg cup out of paper? Follow this tutorial to see how!


Paper plate Easter bunny

This simple Easter craft activity is great for younger children. Turn a paper plate into a bunny using pipe cleaners, pasta or whatever you have to hand!


Make your own Easter baskets

Making an Easter basket out of paper is easier than you might think. Perfect for that Easter egg hunt! Follow this YouTube tutorial for instructions. 


Traditional Easter activities

Easter egg hunt

Many of us have fond memories of Easter egg hunts in the garden or at the local park. Get them out in some fresh air – the promise of chocolate should get them raring to go!

If you’re not keen on hiding plastic Easter eggs to find, you could turn this Easter game into a scavenger hunt, with clues and challenges to complete along the way. All leading up to a sweet surprise. 

If the weather isn’t looking great, the hunt can always take place indoors. 

Grab an Easter basket and get hunting!

Find more free learning resources and activities here.


Two happy children holding colourful Easter eggs


Outdoor Easter activities for families

Blow away the cobwebs and connect with nature with these fun outdoor activities…


Toss the ‘egg’

This is a great one to play if the sun is shining. Fill up some balloons with water, split into two teams and toss the ‘egg’ back and forth until it bursts! Whichever team pops the balloon has to do a forfeit decided by the winning team.  


The bunny hop

Give the sack race an Easter makeover by dressing up as bunnies and hopping to the finish line!


Egg and spoon race

Sometimes, the oldies are the best. This classic game is perfect for Easter. Especially if there is a chocolatey surprise for the winner!


Nature trail 

Get out and about in nature on a wildlife-spotting trail. From lambs to daffodils – give them a list of springtime plants or animals to spot and tick off their list. 


Easter learning activities

Keep the learning going over the break with these engaging learning activities…


Reading and vocabulary puzzles

For reading and vocabulary practice, there are lots of Easter crossword puzzles that you can download and print. Other word games that can all be Easter-fied include:

  • Hangman
  • Word search
  • Scrabble

Counting eggs

For younger children, why not turn your egg hunt into a counting game? Ask them to count their eggs in different multiples before they can eat them!


Easter printables

There are hundreds of Easter-themed printable worksheets out there to keep them entertained when you need some quiet time. From literacy to symmetry skills – it’s an easy way to cram in some learning without them realising!

Our Easter themed printables:


Compass learning tool 

If you’re keen for your child to keep up with their schoolwork over the holidays, setting them up with some online maths and English tuition is a great way of keeping learning alive!

Online tutoring can take place wherever and whenever suits you, making it a handy option to fit into your Easter schedule. Our online platform offers 24/7 access to learning materials and you can choose a flexible group or one-to-one membership based on your child’s needs. 

Our members can also access their Compass learning tool which is an innovative learning platform that adapts to their ability. It’s full of questions that can be accessed anytime over the Easter break.


Fun Easter events for families 

Now that the world is opening back up, there are plenty of family-friendly events and fun activities taking place across the UK this year. 

Find out what’s happening…

Looking for more activities to keep them entertained over the school holidays? Explore our summer resources for families to access parental advice, games and learning activities.

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