The gift of learning!

December 14, 2017

Searching for gift ideas that have an educational twist this Christmas? Look no further! Explore Learning’s Head of Curriculum, Charlotte Gater, shares her top picks…

Christmas scrabble peices

Ok, so it’s coming up to Christmas and this is definitely a time to forget about getting your child’s homework in on time; there’s no need to think about what books they need to take in the next day or if their P.E kit is clean. It’s a time for relaxing and enjoying some family time together! There is always time to learn something new, even at this time of year, so why not take the opportunity of Christmas to buy some fun gifts that are also educational and will bring some family entertainment to the holiday time?

Here’s some inspiration for you…

  • Bananagrams. This game is scrabble combined with Usain Bolt! An extremely high-speed spelling game, where players race to get rid of all their tiles first. Highly entertaining and suitable for people of different ages to play together.
  • Sum Fun. If maths is more your family’s thing, or you want to improve everyone’s maths skills, then Sum Fun is the game for you. It’s basically a maths version of Bananagrams and is a lot of fun!
  • Dinkee – Linkee for Kids. In this quiz-themed game, you work in teams to answer four questions and work out the link. Everyone plays at the same time so no need to wait around for your turn. Teammates help each other to find the link, so this game helps keep your brain active and builds teamwork skills at the same time.
  • Thames and Kosmos Whale Shark 3D Puzzle. Work together as a family to create a 3D shark and learn some interesting facts about these fascinating creatures as you go along.
  • Meccano M.A.X Robot Building set. Build MAX and programme him to create your own unique robot. A great way to build programming skills in children and yourself! A great gift to build maths, science, technology and creative play skills. He even has a built in trivia game so you can see who’s smartest: humans or robots?
  • Magic Maths Numbers Game by Orchard Toys. If you are in need of a present for a 4-7 year old I would highly recommend any of the Orchard Toys board games, I’ve not come across a bad one yet. They are easy to learn, young child friendly and educational! Magic Maths Numbers Game has the added fun of numbers that magically reveal themselves when you rub the stars. I can also recommend Robot Run and Pigs in Pants, I’ve had endless hours of fun playing these with my four-year-old nephew.
  • Lego. I’m sure I don’t need to recommend this gift as I think I would struggle to find a parent that isn’t aware of it… I just wanted to include it to remind people of all the great educational benefits it brings! Following instructions, problem solving, creativity and roll play are just a few of the benefits of this excellent toy. Long may it continue to be a family favourite.
  • 5 Second Rule. This game may seem easy; name three things in a simple category, like four legged animals or red fruits. Not so easy when you only have 5 seconds to answer though…
  • Yahtzee. A family classic that will build skills in maths, strategy, probability and risk. It’s also just entertaining and addictive!

These are just a few of the great educational gifts that are available. Practically every board game available will be teaching your child something, from teamwork to being strategic to just the simple skill of being patient. So, embrace all the time you have together and get out some games to play. Don’t forget to use all the boxes that the gifts have come in to create something with your child. Who doesn’t enjoy a cardboard rocket or den? These will probably turn out to be the most enjoyable gifts they get!

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