Have ‘Sum Fun’ with maths!

July 04, 2016

We’re involving our members to help us find some of the best educational games and products available for families with a new road testing programme. The first product was from Sum Fun which is designed to make maths fun!


Our members spent some time playing the game and we had some excellent reviews – here’s a few of their comments:

“We took the game on holiday with us, along with lots of other board games, for a serious test -could it cope with four kids ranging in age from 7 to 11 and a mixture of learning difficulties through to giftedness in maths? (Plus a few games-loving adults thrown in!) It was the game of choice for the kids several times over and the adults all found it pleasantly brain curdling. We were hooked instantly. Lots of fun and it coped well with the mix in ability. Playing all at the same time meant no waiting around to get bored, and its flexibility meant they all made sums at their own level and could all participate in a way that was fun for each of them…. only complaint from one of them… no brackets for order of functions… but I guess you can’t win them all!”
– Alex Hendra

Carey Ann Dodah took to Twitter to share her experience of playing Sum Fun with her daughter:


The Dawson family took Sum Fun on holiday – here are their thoughts:

“As well as having fun adding up, taking away and finding places where tiles from other sums could help you make your sum, we used the game to help with homework. Our son had a maths workbook to complete whilst we were on holiday. The work book consisted of adding, subtraction, multiplication and worded questions around money.  The tiles were a great tactile tool to use with the homework. We created number lines using the joker tile as the counter to be moved when figuring out an answer. We also created a times table square working with the times tables upto the five times table which again became a fantastic practical tool. Especially for a child that is a kinesthetic learner. With the money questions we used the tiles as money and got a draw string bag to pretend it was a purse and a shoe box as a make shift till. This was great at helping noah work out how much change should be given.”

You an also read a great blog post from ‘The B Man and the L Girl’, a blog all about home education adventures, who played Sum Fun and found that maths can really be fun!
The B Man and the L Girl blog

We hope you found these reviews helpful and might even inspire you to get involved with making maths fun!

Find out more about Sum Fun

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