Recommended home-learning resources

November 30, 2018

Want to know where to go for great at-home learning resources? Here is a list of some of our favourite websites…

  • Khan Academy
    Some of the best video tutorials for higher level maths and science, plus loads more! Totally free and there are resources for parents too.



  • BBC Bitesize

    It’s a classic! Aimed at UK children so it’s easy to find the appropriate resources. Covers a huge amount of subjects (even Mandarin!) Again, 100% free for children to use.

BBC bitesize


  • NRICH – Problem solving maths

Want to encourage problem solving, systematic working and teamwork in your children? NRICH have some amazing tasks that they can do. We partner with NRICH every year in our National Young Mathematician’s Award and we are constantly inspired by every member of this team – who are all maths teachers now based at Cambridge University with a passion for developing great mathematical thinkers.

These tasks are best solved in a team, so if you are a grown up joining in try and resist the urge to take over! NRICH also don’t publish ‘answers’, as there are several different ways to solve each of their tasks, but they do publish solutions that have been sent to them by other children! So have a go at a problem and you can share your way of working with children around the country via their website!



  • Explorer Maths
    As a member of Explore Learning, your child can login to Explorer Maths and pick from a range of maths topics to practise. Ask a manager at your centre for your child’s login, choose your level and start earning golden stars!


  • Oxford Owls

Oxford Owls have lots of awesome free resources to support with learning to read at home (including free e-books) as well as some links to reputable books you can buy. We also really like their ‘Jargon Buster’ for parents – helping you make sense of some of the terminology that school may use.

Oxford Owls


  • The School Run

Advice site for parents, everything from homework advice to grammar glossaries. Lots of free elements to the site with optional paid for resources to download.

The School Run


  • The Book Trust‘s top 100 books for children, arranged by age group with reviews of each book, to help parents pick the right books for their child.

The Book Trust


  • Squeebles Spelling Test 

An inexpensive app that can be downloaded with built-in spelling lists and the ability to create custom games and tests from a child’s own word list.



  • Mindfulness and Stress Management app for kids

Encourage your kids to Stop, Breathe and Think with this fun and easy to use app—designed to help kids discover the superpowers of quiet, focus and more peaceful sleep.



We hope you find this list useful! If you’re searching for gift ideas that have an educational twist this Christmas, you might also like our article sharing our top picks…


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