Home schooling fatigue: Freshen up your routine

June 29, 2020

Child on a computer learning online

As social-distancing measures continue, children all over the UK continue to rely on home schooling as their main learning experience.

The length of time away from school has led to many children and parents beginning to suffer from ‘home schooling fatigue’.

Here are some ideas which will allow you to freshen up your home learning routine and keep education going over the summer months. 

Take breaks 

Taking breaks is essential to maintain focus and learn new things. It’s best to schedule breaks throughout your home schooling day to avoid overwork or fatigue (every 30 minutes to 1 hour is likely to work well). It’s also important to factor in days (or even a week) off into your home schooling calendar. At school, children are used to working towards the next half term or 2-week holiday, which increases their motivation as they have something to ‘look forward to’. Try to mimic this feeling at home by working towards your next day off. 

Get outside 

A key principle of learning theory is that changing your surroundings makes you learn and remember better. For months, this has been almost impossible as families have been asked to remain at home. Now that restrictions are relaxing, we need to take advantage of our ability to get outside if we can. Whether it’s simply going for a walk and chatting, meeting up with friends, or doing something your child’s passionate about, it’s likely to be an enriching and enjoyable learning experience!   


When home schooling we may need to lower our expectations for how much work will be completed. Prioritising key areas to work on and focussing on quality rather than quantity can help prevent fatigue. Talk to Explore Learning staff and your child’s school teachers to identify which areas would be appropriate to prioritise.  

Try relaxing learning ‘rules’ 

There may be certain boundaries which were set up at the start of home schooling which could be relaxed at certain times to keep things fresh and enjoyable. For example, would your child like to listen to music whilst they work? It may even be useful to have certain times when your child has total freedom to learn what they like, as long as they show you something they have learnt. Allow them some independent time to research what they would like to, with the only instruction being that they need to tell you what they did! 

Live lessons 

Explore Learning has a whole collection of our live lesson videos which have been delivered over the past couple of months available in the members’ area. Each lesson is 30 minutes long and requires no specific input from parents. Simply find some relevant topics and leave your child to it!  

It’s OK to have bad days 

Finally, remember that home schooling is hard for both parents and children. Everyone is likely to suffer from stressful days when they’re not quite at their best, and that’s OK. It’s best to accept that this is part of home schooling life and simply lower expectations on these days.  

Not a member? Book your free online lesson today to find out how our online tuition can support your child’s education.


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