Home schooling ideas for another lockdown!

February 01, 2021

home schooling ideas with parent and children on laptops

Love it, hate it or somewhere in between, home schooling is back with a bang.

Charlotte Gater, Head of Curriculum, shares a few home school ideas to support you during this time, in the hope that they will give you 5 minutes of peace!


BBC lockdown learning activities

The BBC are here to help with plenty of home schooling ideas. If you’ve not heard already, the lovely people at the BBC are delivering lessons every day for both Secondary and Primary.

Find lockdown learning on BBC iPlayer and BBC bitesize lessons online.  They are well worth a watch. Some may say, interesting for parents too! I have certainly learnt a lot myself from the Brian Cox lessons. Every day really is a school day!

BBC Sounds have a range of free e-books. The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse is a must-have for these crazy times. There are some timeless classics too. Try The Wind in the Willows for younger children or A Christmas Carol for Secondary.

To have a break from screen time with CBEEBIES radio which has some engaging educational programmes for younger children too.


Try a new online lesson

Let Bobby Seagull be your children’s maths teacher. You’ve never met a teacher like him. Enthusiasm in abundance, explore Learning’s series of lessons and activities can be found here.


Learn a new life skill

Give your child a sense of achievement during this time by learning a new skill.

  •   Learn to touch type
  •   Gain a belt in Karate. Tiska’s online lessons and exams are still taking place for people across the country.  (N.b. lesson pricing can be found via Tiska’s website)
  •   How about learning sign language? What an amazing skill to show your teachers and friends when you go back to school. Join Natasha and Kelly-Ann and they will show you how.


Engaging English Ideas

  •   Does your child love Julia Donaldson? Then these resource packs will give you lots of ideas based on their favourite books. 
  •   The Book Trust bring books to life with games, fun activities and authors reading their own books. 


Maths Motivation


Science and Geography activities 

  •  Whether you’re looking for science experiments or wanting them to learn something new, find it all with Dr Chip’s science lessons 
  • Marine Environments are brought to life in this series of lessons from The National Marine Aquarium. Interesting topics from underwater volcanoes to looking after the ocean will be covered.


Get Creative

Learning is not just about maths and English. We know of course that they are very important but also it’s important to enjoy yourself and embrace the wider curriculum! Try some of these creative home schooling activities to help:

  •   Children love Rob Biddulph teaching them how to bring his book illustrations to life. 
  •   It feels like Nick Cope should be in an indie band. Instead, he is entertaining 3-7 year olds with his entertaining, educational, but sometimes a little disgusting in the same way slime can be, songs. Much more entertaining for you than listening to endless nursery rhymes!
  •   Peer to peer learning takes centre stage with Doodle Boy. Let this talented 10 year old become your child’s art teacher. 
  •   Art Enthusiasts London have an array of workshops for children of different ages and adults too if you want to get in on the action! N.b prices can be found via their website. 
  •   If you missed her the first time around, then join in this time with Myleene Klass’ music lessons.

Take learning outdoors

Educational activities don’t have to be confined to the living room! Get some fresh air and get out in the great outdoors. Using maps and coordinates, navigate through your child’s homemade map of your local area, or make a list of everything you see on your daily walk to then create a descriptive nature story later!


Make the most of Social Media

Home schooling ideas a plenty, educational activities and parent advice can be found on our social media channels – make sure to give them a follow!


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Plan home schooling schedules

Home schooling schedules can surely save you from mid-afternoon what’s next disasters! They’re also a great tool for creating peace of mind for you as a parent and keeping your home schooling fresh and exciting. You can use them to check all school work is covered, that all subjects are on there and that there’s a variety in how you’re home schooling your child, whether that’s watching a live lesson, doing some writing at the table or getting outdoors to discover more!

Find more homeschooling resources

Whether you’re catering for early learning or the older school years, you can start home learning off with a bang with our free resources. Categorised by ages, our suggestions for ages 4-7, 7-11 and 11-14 are waiting to support you with your home schooling!


While 2021 has started a little differently than we all hoped, we are still full of expectation for the year ahead. We are passionate about keeping education going and continuing to support children in meeting their academic goals. 

We’re here to help. Become a member to get support and keep them engaged with their home schooling.


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