Homeschooling Resources for Ages 7-11

June 12, 2020

To help keep education going through this time, Charlotte Gater our Head of Curriculum has collated some of her favourite free homeschooling resources for you to use with your child.


Free Websites and Apps

  • White Rose Maths
    White Rose Maths, a fantastic maths scheme used in many school, have created lessons including videos and accompanying worksheets. Helpful videos will take your child through year group relevant topics, so you can be confident they are looking at material they would have been at school.

White Rose Maths


  • James Dyson Foundation

    The James Dyson Foundation have released a series of engineering challenges for students. Do you want to make a chair out of cardboard, you own electromagnet, or a clock timed by precise amounts of water? These activities will help with academics and are also great for life skills like problem solving, communication and perseverance. All the challenge cards can be read online so no need to print.

James Dyson Foundation


  • Free books on Audible

Encourage a love of stories through free books on Audible.Give yourself 5 minutes of peace whilst your child listens to a wide range of engaging books.

Free Audible books


  • Our free resources

On our Explore Learning website you can find a range of engaging activities, parent advice blogs and videos.

Free Resources

Homeschooling Live Lessons

  • Mid Morning Maths with Bobby Seagull

Mid Morning Maths with Bobby Seagull ran for 8 weeks through the Explore Learning Facebook page. Every Monday (ages 4-7), Wednesday (ages 7-11) and Friday (ages 11-14) at 10am a new topic was covered. You can now find all of Bobby’s lessons right here on our website, with a matching worksheet to accompany each one.

Mid Morning Maths with Bobby


  • Music Lessons with Myleene Klass

Keep your children’s music lessons going with Myleene Klass and her daughters.

Music lessons with Myleene Klass


  • BBC Bitesize Lessons

BBC Bitesize releases lessons at 9am every weekday. Covering wide ranging topics from ‘Who were the Egyptians’ to ‘Starting Secondary School’. Everything is helpfully broken into year groups and lots of experts will be involved. I can’t wait for the David Attenborough geography lessons.

BBC Bitesize Lessons


  • The Punctuation Show 

The Punctuation Show teaches punctuation in a unique style! It’s potentially like marmite, you’ll love it or hate it. What is undeniable is children could tell us about punctuation after watching it.

The Punctuation Show


  • Rob Biddulph draw-a-long lessons 

Author and illustrator Rob Biddulph brings you draw-a-long lessons. Join him on Tuesday and Thursday at 10am. You might even want to join in, it’s very therapeutic. Previous lessons can be found here.

Rob Biddulph draw-a-long lessons 

These are uncertain times but at Explore Learning, we are fully committed to supporting families with their homeschooling.

In particular through our new online one-to-one tutoring platform – Explore at Home. Delivered with gusto – all our people share a passion for learning and helping children to reach their full potential. Book a free lesson today.



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