Homework help!

October 01, 2015

Homework time can be dreaded by parents and children alike, but it doesn’t have to be!

To make homework become less of a chore, help create a routine. Firstly, make a plan with your child on where and when homework will be done. Where possible, avoid distractions by encouraging them to do their homework in a room with no TV or computer. Involve them in the decision making process – perhaps by giving them three options of when to do it so they can fit it around their other activities.

They may want to have a set of homework resources so they don’t need to go and find bits half way through that will lead to distractions.

Agree the amount of time that your child will be working for each night (with room for flexibility depending on work load).  If they are particularly young and can’t read a clock yet, use egg timers so they can see how much time they have left.

Let your child do the work; it is often very easy for parents to help them a little bit too much.  For example, if you’re doing maths homework do the first question so they can see how you did it, and then let them do the rest.  Make sure the teacher can see that they have worked it out for themselves.

The way that things are being taught has changed a lot since many parents were at school so if you are unsure of anything talk to their teacher.  If you don’t understand anything be open and ask for help.

Most importantly, be patient.  Doing homework can be a stressful time for both children and parents.  Praise the good things and don’t worry if they don’t understand something straight away.  Make sure you give them confidence and pull out the positives!

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