How do I find a tutor in my area?

October 29, 2021

Finding the right tutor should make life easier, not pose a logistical challenge. Family life is busy enough! That’s why we’ve created this guide on how to find tutors in your area to help you discover local maths and English tutors based close to home.

There are only 24 hours in the day – make them count by finding a tuition centre near you. 

Explore Learning tuition centre near you

Where to find maths and English tutors in your area

If you’re looking for some face to face tuition for your child, it helps to find support near to home to cut down on commuting time and make the whole experience less hassle and more enjoyable.

Our tuition centres are vibrant, energetic learning spaces where children can develop their English and maths skills in a safe environment. With centres across the UK, you’re never too far away from Explore. 


How to find a maths and English tutor near me

To find a tuition centre near you, simply enter your postcode or city name into the search bar on our website to explore your nearest centres. You can search by list or map view, depending on which you find easiest to navigate. 


How do I find a local tutor?

When searching for local maths and English tutors you can trust, it helps to ask for recommendations from friends and family who live nearby or your child’s school. That way, you have a better idea of what they offer and if they will be a good fit for your child. 

Learn more about how to choose a tutor in our handy guide. 


Where is the best place to find a tutor?

There are lots of places you can search for tutors, including;

  • School notice boards
  • Tutoring agency websites
  • Newspaper or online ads for private tutors
  • Friend and family recommendations
  • Tuition centre websites

Be mindful when looking at private tuition or individual tutor’s profiles as you’ll want to ensure your child’s tutor is reliable, honest and DBS checked. 

By opting for a tuition centre like Explore Learning, you can rest assured that all our expert tutors are background checked and dedicated to inspiring learning. 


How do I find a tutor for my child?

It’s one thing for your tuition provider to be practical to get to, however, tutoring also needs to be effective and a good fit for your child. 

To find a tuition provider that works for your child’s needs, be sure to ask the following questions…

  • Do the tutors seem happy to be there?
  • Does the tuition provider have adapted material for different learners?
  • Do the tutors demonstrate good knowledge of the Curriculum?
  • Do they offer progress meetings or reports?
  • Do the tutors seem approachable?
  • What is the learning space and atmosphere like?
  • What do the sessions cost and does the price work for your family’s budget?
  • Can you see your child benefiting from and enjoying the tutoring sessions?


If the answers to the above are yes, then it’s likely the tutor provider will be a good match. 

Get more help choosing a tutor by exploring good tutor qualities in our blog. 

Explore Learning tutor with student

Finding the best tutors near me

Here are some tips for finding the best tutor who can offer tailored learning for your child’s individual needs. 

Primary school tutors near me

Primary school is where your child will develop core maths and English skills that will take them through to Secondary and beyond. It’s important for children to be comfortable and confident with the basics in order to learn, grow and achieve their goals.

Whether they need help getting to grips with phonics, support tackling fractions, or are just looking to be challenged academically – a tutor is a great supplement to their school activities.

When looking for primary school tutors near you, look for passionate educators who exude positive behaviours, are exceptional communicators and have a thorough knowledge of the National Curriculum. 

Find more information on the difference between a teacher and a tutor in our blog.


Maths tutors in my area

Many children (and parents!) can find maths tricky. A maths tutor can provide expert and unbiased support to relieve you of maths homework stress!

When searching for a maths tutor for your child, look for a tutor who understands the curriculum and is able to engage and inspire a love of maths. From nailing down times tables to practicing for the SATS – a good tutor will be able to encourage self-belief. 


English tutors in my area

For core English skills such as phonics, comprehension and research, finding a tutor for your Primary or Secondary aged child can really make a difference. 

Look for local English tutors who can encourage independent learning and who have a passion for creative and technical English skills.


Exam tutors near me

Looking for some support for tackling the 11 Plus? An 11+ tutor can help your child focus their efforts and provide a tailored plan of learning that will not only get them through the exam, but also boost their confidence in the classroom. 

When searching for an exam tutor, ensure they have experience tutoring for the exam, have a clear understanding of what the exam entails and have reviews to back them up. 


Online tutors

Another option is to go remote which allows your child to work from the comfort of home. Our online English tutors and online maths tutors come highly recommended by Netmums and offer variety, flexibility and learning content tailored to the National Curriculum.

Online tuition is like having a home tutor living in your computer or tablet! Perhaps the most practical solution for busy families. 


Meet our excellent tutors

If you think it’s time to find a tutor for your child, our tutors are on hand to inspire a love of learning! 

At Explore Learning, we make sure we recruit academic achievers who are driven educators and inspiring role models. We employ tutors from diverse backgrounds, all DBS checked and with a track record of excellence.


Meet Dani

Tutor Dani

“I really enjoy being able to follow the weekly progress of each of my members.  I especially love teaching English as I can help build their skills and techniques but also get creative and have fun!

It’s lovely to see so many members grow in confidence, even in an online setting.”


Meet Caroline

Tutor Caroline

“Being able to share a love of reading with children is amazing.  The way in which children read can be so full of expression and humour; some children simply light up when they read.

But it’s not just those reading moments I love.  I also love the ‘ah-ha’ moments when a struggling reader begins to recognise spelling patterns or tricky words, gaining more confidence in an area that is hard to master.”


Tutor reviews and testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it – check out our tutor testimonials to see what parents love about Explore tuition!


Discover our local tuition centres

One of the easiest ways to find maths and English tutoring near you is to search for your nearest Explore Learning Centre. With flexible opening hours, a welcoming atmosphere and small classes – our maths and English tuition centres are conveniently located around the country. 

Meet your child’s next maths and English tutor today!


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