Is my child making progress with their tuition?

April 30, 2020

Child's progress - student presenting with tutor

When tuition works well, you might notice a change in your child’s engagement towards learning, a boost in their confidence, or an increased success rate in their academic results.

The idea is that tuition provides an enhancement towards their journey throughout education, whatever direction that takes.

At Explore Learning, we’re on a mission to provide a service to the whole family. This means keeping you in the loop with your child’s learning journey. Our Parents’ meetings are the perfect time for you to find out about how they’re really doing with their tuition, and to ask yourself – is my child making progress?

Taking the opportunity to talk about your child’s progress, won’t just provide you with some knowledge of where they are at. It will crucially enhance your understanding of the role you can play in bolstering your children’s development from home.

This works both ways. These precious progress check meetings are also a chance for you to tell us what is improving. What needs tweaking, how they’re feeling and what we can put in place to continue to personalise our offering.

Working through examples and mapping these to the curriculum, we’ll take a 30-minute deep dive into your child’s learning habits and levels. Our parent’s meetings are always focused on your child’s learning goal – that is, what you want to see as a direct result of your tuition.

How we monitor children’s progress:

  • Feedback from you and your child – have you noticed a difference in their learning?

  • Evaluation from your tutor – have we noticed an improvement during their sessions?

  • Evidence from your child’s tuition courses –  have we seen an increase in mastery, retention or level?

What’s more, delivering this feedback to you has gotten even easier with the launch of Explore at Home. We can use technology to involve the whole family!

How we share with parents

Using Microsoft teams, your parent feedback sessions just arrived in the 21st Century. You can ask for permission to record the discussion for the benefit of other family members, as well as view your child’s work and examples on a screen.

If your child is older, you can involve them in the discussion about their attainment and progress too. This will help them feel involved in their learning and empower them with the confidence to make decisions about their future education too. If English is an additional language for you, we can schedule a relative or friend from anywhere into the call, who can support your communication with us. All of this means the information is getting to the right people, in the easiest way.

Do you have your next parent’s meeting scheduled? If not, your Explore team will be in touch as soon as they can to arrange this. However please feel free to get in touch directly with them if you have any questions at all.

Not a member? Book your free online tuition lesson today to find out how Explore at Home can support your child’s education.

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