Tips for preparing children and parents for the school run

April 11, 2014

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Kiddidrop guest blog: Tips for preparing children and parents for the school run

As parents, we know that the school run can be a stressful time of the day so it’s important to tackle the morning routine. Here are a few tips to ensure you get the school day off to a bright and positive start.

  • Planning – Think about the practicalities of pickups and drop-offs.  Is Dad away at a meeting and is Mum struggling to fit the school run around work commitments? You may wish to find an alternative option and share your journeys with parents with similar issues around the area and find a like-minded parent with Kiddidrop.com.
  • Learn to love the mornings – See the opportunity for setting your alarm for school as spending some quality time together. Make time to sit down and enjoy breakfast with your family and talk about the day ahead. Setting your alarm an extra 15 minutes early will avoid any frantic panicking to the beat the clock.
  • Make the sandwiches the night before – It may sound like a given but preparing your children’s sandwiches the night before the school run can save you those crucial extra minutes in the morning for getting your little ones out on time. A handy tip we’ve found is to keep a supply of sandwich bags at home so that you’re not searching for the end of the cling film in a hurry. Remember to buy food for the week ahead and stock up on plenty of your children’s favourite fillings, snacks and drinks so there is no last-minute dash to the shops.
  • If you find your fruit bowl is looking tired by the end of the week, encourage them to try dry fruit as an alternative and keep up your children’s five a day. Dried mango & peach snacks are a great tasty alternative, and this way you will no longer have to worry about how your fruit is preserving.
  • Everyone plays a part – Share the morning duties to ensure your children feel like they have their own part to play in the morning. Getting everyone involved will shift their morning thoughts from a dreaded list of orders to helping them feel like they have a sense of responsibility in the house. Whether it is clearing away the table mats or feeding the hamster there is no reason why your little ones can’t help to tackle the mornings too.
  • Homework planGetting super organised with homework will avoid any dreaded last-minute scribbles on the way to school. Producing a wall plan at home will keep you one step ahead of homework. You could look to bring in a reward system to take positives out of a dreaded chore. If all else fails use the school run to help cram for any last-minute spellings or times table tests.
  • Communal notice board – Encourage your children to pin their school letters on a notice board in your kitchen to save you from turning around on the school run to pick up a parent authorisation form or a dinner money cheque. Providing a home for your forms should put a stop to anxiously searching through your children’s book bag.
  • Everyone loves a routine – Finally, the key thing is to maintain regularity, as much as we hate to admit it everyone loves a routine. Having a set routine will help your children to understand what’s expected of them in the morning to set your day off to a hassle-free start.

If the school routine is a stressful time for you find out more information on Kiddidrop.com the stress-free solution to the school run.

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