Let’s make maths fun!

September 06, 2016

David Bullen

David Bullen is an accountant, the Managing Director of Sum Fun Games Limited and the creator of the new and exciting educational maths game called Sum Fun.

Come on… let’s admit it – maths is pretty much like Marmite – you either “love it or hate it”!

The question is: why do so many people hate maths? At its core, maths is very black and white, it asks you to calculate a correct answer, and I expect that for many people they fear getting that answer wrong – this in itself creates “maths anxiety”.

So what do we need to do to get over this anxiety? I think it’s simple… Let’s make maths fun!

Why is maths so important and how has it helped me in my life?

So much of our daily lives are completely entrenched in maths.  From waking up and telling the time, knowing the date, or measuring the milk for your porridge – it’s all maths!

Research has shown early experiences with maths have long-lasting outcomes in terms of educational achievement and life chances. It’s very clear why maths is so important in our lives.

A good grasp of maths has certainly helped me in my life; it’s given me the skills to create my new numbers game called “Sum Fun” and enabled me to run my own accountancy practice. If anything, my livelihood now depends on maths!

Why is the NYMA a great opportunity for children

The National Young Mathematicians’ Awards is a fantastic opportunity for children to develop their maths skills and I am delighted that Sum Games Limited has been given the opportunity to sponsor Explore Learning’s event this year. What makes the competition great is that it’s designed to inspire and challenge talented young mathematicians from primary schools across the country.

The tasks set are quite different from the sorts of activities you might do at school, so this only adds to the fun! I like that as well as being judged on your individual problem-solving skills you will also be assessed for how well you work as a team – another very important life skill.

Find out more about The National Young Mathematicians’ Awards.

As a dad, how do I support my children in maths?

As a dad, I am very keen to ensure that my two boys, aged 5 and 3, have a good grasp of numbers from an early age. Quite simply, I think the best support I can give to my children is just to explore numbers with them, wherever and whenever you can and make sure it’s fun! For instance, when I’m in the car with my boys I often set them number related challenges – who can spot the first 30 mph sign, can they count the number of blue cars they see on the journey, can they read out the number plate on the car in front of them etc.

What led me to invent Sum Fun?

Without a doubt Sum Fun would never have been invented were it not for my initial love of numbers, enthusiasm to play games and passion to educate my children!

It was during the spring of 2014 that I had my “Eureka” moment. I was away with friends and family and we had been playing Scrabble. Whilst I enjoyed playing word-based games, I realised that as an accountant I would much prefer playing a numbers-based game. I also got frustrated at the amount of time it would take to play a game of Scrabble.

I, therefore, wondered if I could find a tiles game that was numbers based, quick to play and suitable for children. I couldn’t, so I set about devising my own game and in October 2015 Sum Fun was finally launched!

If you would like more information about Sum Fun or like to purchase the game then please visit our Sum Fun website.

And find out more about our maths tuition here.


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