Most Trusted Supplementary Education Provider 2022

March 31, 2022

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We’re ‘Most Trusted Supplementary Education Provider 2022!’

Explore Learning has been recognised in the 2022 Corporate Excellence Awards as the UK’s Most Trusted Supplementary Education Provider. 

It is always an honour to receive an award but we are especially proud to be recognised as ‘Most Trusted’. For us, trust is the most important element at the heart of all our interactions.

How have we managed to earn so much trust? We believe it boils down to this:

We are committed to creating a life-long love of learning in every child that we tutor and every person we employ. 


The journey to being the most trusted 

For over twenty years now, Explore Learning has been recognised as a trusted partner for families, schools, businesses, and charities in their goals to meet children’s individual learning needs and as a company that provides exceptional employment opportunities.

Our vision became clear during a small focus group back in 2001. Parents expressed overwhelmingly that they were concerned their children’s individual needs were not being met in the classroom. Since that day we have sought ways to address this need for as many families as possible.


Understanding the need and delivering on it

We made a promise to our first members that is the same promise we deliver today:

  • We will focus on your child’s individual needs
  • We will employ the best people 
  • We will give them to best tools
  • And we will foster a love of learning along the way

Since then we have worked with over 300,000 families, making a difference to each child’s learning journey.  


Being agile in our approach

In order to maintain trust we have needed to adapt to the ever changing landscape. We do a lot of listening – to our members and our employees about what they need. This has influenced where we have opened tuition centres, the courses that we offer, the times that we open and so much more. We also listen to the changes in the world of education, researching the latest in educational thinking to ensure that our practices are informed and the most effective they can be.


Everything is possible with the right support

“Yes you can!” We say it a lot, to the children that are afraid to make a mistake or try something new. To our tutors taking on a new class or teaching a new skill, to our managers being given a new challenge. We believe that everything is possible with the right support. 

We help our children to believe they can with the support of great tutors. We help our tutors to believe they can with the support of great managers and for our managers we provide access to external experts and training so that they can be the best they can be.


Prioritising safety at all times

Looking after children and our employees is a responsibility we take seriously. Ofsted registered centres, secure online tuition services and our dedicated safeguarding team do all they can to ensure that everyone feels safe and happy.


Delivering something for the long term

We didn’t create Explore Learning to be a quick fix to a short-term problem. Our tuition is designed to be the best possible complement to a school education and we provide families with support throughout their school journey. Over 96% of our members choose to renew their membership with us each month, meaning they trust the service they receive and the results we are delivering. Many have been with us for years, coming back to us at different times as their academic needs change.

Our tutors are the same – many have made lifelong careers here, starting as tutors and progressing through the business to be today’s senior leaders. We value experience and knowledge of working with children in our centres and online. We believe in unlocking the potential of every employee just as we do with the children we teach. 


Father and child at reception at an Explore Learning centre


Why trust us?

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s some Trustpilot reviews from members posted in the last month. 


The best learning money can buy

We have children that have used Ashford branch for over 11 years and the latest child is enjoying the centre as much as the first child. Staff and management change but the ethos and focus of the centre remains the same. We have seen staff begin their Explore journey, move up to management and spread their wings onto bigger challenges. The children hate to see the staff leave but it is always handled so well by the centre that the children say goodbye knowing it’s a positive move. The way the children are respected and motivated is what helps them learn so much through explore. Highly recommend the Ashford branch.

Mrs Lester


Highly recommend Explore Learning!

We are so happy with Explore Learning and wholeheartedly recommend it!

Our son has been doing online lessons during Years 8 and 9. He finds it engaging and really enjoys his sessions with his tutor, Victoria. Also, it’s helped him immensely at school. In the parent consultations last week, his maths teacher told us that only twelve other students had reached his level in maths, amongst 360 students in his year. She is planning for him to do further maths at GCSE, and then tried to sell us on him doing A level maths (steady on!). His English teacher said that he is at the top of his set 2 class. I don’t think any of that would have happened without the additional input of Explore Learning. It’s been great.



Words can’t describe the excellent support received

Words can’t describe the excellent support my son Jayden has received from Explore Learning. Jayden is a SEN kid so I am very particular about who he is exposed to, the support he gets and the learning achieves. His tutor Luke is very patient, quite happy to adapt his style of tutoring to accommodate Jayden’s needs. Jayden adapted to working alongside Luke. Luke is a family name as we always refer to what he has taught us even outside classes. It has been an AMAZING experience. We hope EL continues to deliver (and even exceed) this standard of support as we intend to remain with them for the long haul.

Sunshine Eze


If you’d like to get involved, then take a step in our direction. Whether you’d like to join us to support your child or apply to be a member of our inspirational team, we would love to hear from you.   


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