#NowICan – Olivia’s progress

August 30, 2016


Olivia talking about her #NowICan challenge

Olivia has been having great success with growing her sunflower as part of her summer learning project, after telling us all about her goals in our #NowICan video.

Olivia decided that growing a sunflower would be a fun way to get to grips with using different measurements, as she could keep a track of how tall her plant was growing while spending some time outdoors with nature!

As you can see, the shoots came through and Olivia soon had an opportunity to get measuring!

Growing sunflowers

It wasn’t long before the sunflower was already looking quite tall, and Olivia could move on to a large ruler to see how big it had grown!

Olivia with her sunflower summer project

Olivia told us how she has found her summer learning project:

“I have been measuring and watering my sunflower and have discovered that sunflowers drink a lot and grow a lot! Unfortunately, I still have no lovely flowers head which I’m sad about, just a very very long stem. Hopefully, by the end of summer, a flower will appear or you will all think I have just been growing a record-breaking weed!”

Keep going Olivia, you’re doing a great job!

You can hear more from Olivia in her #NowICan video

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