Peter Andre joins Explore at Home

April 23, 2020

We’re thrilled that singer and TV personality Peter Andre and his family have recently experienced our ‘Explore at Home’ offering. 

As families adapt to their new routines, many have begun searching for support with at-home learning. For many parents, home schooling presents multiple challenges. Some may be looking after children of different ages and needs. Many will be working from home while also balancing childcare. However, knowing how to support children with their learning alongside this can be hard. Particularly when many methods – especially in maths – have changed drastically since they were at school.

Peter Andre and Explore at Home

For Peter Andre, finding time to keep education going in his household has been a challenge. With wife Emily on the frontline working in the NHS and four children of different ages to plan for, home learning hasn’t always been easy. Therefore, giving Explore at Home a try was the perfect opportunity to ease some of the pressure. Here’s what Peter had to say about his experience on Instagram:

“As parents, we have really felt the stress of home schooling and not always being able to answer any questions that the kids might have about their learning. 

“Fortunately we’ve found a great source of support in @explorelearning_official. Their new service, ‘Explore at Home’ gives the kids a weekly 1:1 online session with a tutor (we worked with the lovely Chloe), as well as access to their individual learning programme, plus heaps of downloadable maths and English resources too!” 

Peter met one of our Explore at Home online tutors, Chloe. She supported Peter and his children throughout their Explore at Home trial session. Chloe said “Millie and Princess were a pleasure to work with! I loved seeing Millie’s confidence develop as she worked through her spelling questions. She was completely fearless in her approach by the end of her session. Princess made me so proud as she chose to tackle tricky algebra questions, and she showed great resilience.”

If, like Peter Andre, you’re looking to alleviate some of the home schooling pressure, ‘Explore at Home’ is here to support your family.  Our online tutoring and learning platform is helping children to meet their educational goals from home, and to stay engaged with their learning.

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