Learning phonics at home

June 04, 2019

Phonics at home – we explain some of the techniques children use when learning to read in our video guide.

Learn how you can teach your child phonics at home!

Since 2006, children have been taught to read using ‘synthetic phonics’. In our video guide, we explain the techniques of blending and segmenting that help children to decode words – and give you some handy tips you can use when helping your child learn to read at home!

What is blending in phonics?

Blending is a technique that is drawing individual sounds together to read a word.

For example:


What is segmenting phonics?

Segmenting is a technique that is splitting up a word in order to spell it.

For example:


Most children use a mixture of these techniques whilst they are on their journey to fluent reading.

Teaching phonics at home

We know it can be challenging teaching at home. Especially when it comes to teaching phonics. We hope you found our video guide and blog useful!

At Explore Learning, our phonics tuition is tailored to suit your child’s specific needs and inspire a passion for reading and writing (even for the less appealing spelling and grammar – we deliver it with pizazz!).

Find out how online tutoring can help support you when teaching your child phonics at home.



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