Simple strategies & fun ways to teach maths to children

March 08, 2021


Mother finding fun ways to teach maths to her child at the kitchen table

Looking for fun ways to teach maths? For children who want maths to be made a little more interesting, to those who like to get a little more creative, we’ve got everything you need to bring maths to life! 


Innovative methods for teaching maths skills

Demonstrate multiple strategies

Maths concepts can be made easier by exploring the different ways to teach them first! Our maths tutors understand how every child learns differently and how they each have an individual learning style. 

One strategy not working? Our experts recommend switching it up to try a more visual route or grab some objects, like money or counters, to help demonstrate your point. Discover how to become a Times Tables master or explore fun ways to teach them by using tricks. 

Finish with a summary

Like every great story told, a short conclusion can support retention and make it simpler for your child to remember what they’ve learned the next time they put their new skill into practice! By summarising, you can watch them put their new maths skills into practice, for example putting fractions into action! 

Reward progress

Wondering how to make your child braver with maths? Whether they’ve mastered a tricky problem-solving question or grasped one of the harder mathematical concepts – rewards can encourage your child’s resilience. Try sticker charts, or allocated screen time to give them something to work towards. 



More creative ways to teach maths to your children

Teaching maths through art

Painting out percentage pizzas or using play-doh to roll up dice shapes can not only bring maths skills to life for your child but can make learning slightly different too!  

Teaching maths through cooking

Give your child their sous chef hat and let them weigh out different yummy ingredients to help them understand maths topics such as measurement – a great example of ‘accidentally’ learning. 

Teaching maths through storytelling

Let their imaginations run wild and break down trickier topics like decimals by creating a story for your child. Whether it’s them having to fill up a water tank to the perfect point to release a trap door for dolphins to escape or using decimals to get the correct code to break open a safe!  

Teaching maths through drama

Maths matters, but so does your child having fun. Role-plays are a dynamic way to approach learning. Try acting out shop scenarios involving handling money or pretending to be a bus driver reading bus timetables! 

Teaching maths through song

Maths fun can come in the form of a good old sing-a-long. Can you and your child create a tune to remember how to spell algebra? Acronyms are a great place to start! 

Teaching maths through nature

It doesn’t matter whether your child is in primary school or slightly older – everyone loves the great outdoors! Getting outside can support your child to understand concepts such as navigation using coordinates or for younger ones counting how many wildlife animals they see on your daily walk. 

Ways to teach maths through technology

Students understand maths concepts best when they learn them in a way that excites them most. Screen time can be made into learning time with live lessons. Why not check out celebrity mathematician Bobby Seagull’s free Mid-Morning Maths lessons for something a bit different! 





More ideas to make learning maths interesting


Maths is everywhere around us in the real world. You can make maths an everyday thing by incorporating it into real-life scenarios to support your child’s problem-solving skills. Create daily dilemmas such as hypothetically creating a lemonade stand:

  • What angle does the stand need to be to support all of the lemons? 
  • Your child is going to need enough change too – what happens if they only have a £50 note? 
  • What recipe measurements do they need to make sure their lemonade is sweet and not bitter? 

Work through these problems together to keep your child engaged – and why not think about making actual lemonade too whilst you’re at it! 


Maths Games

No matter their year group, there are plenty of maths games that can make learning fun for your child: 

Maths bingo

Make your own cards and call out different maths sums for your child to solve, then get them to do the same for you in return. Who can shout bingo the quickest? 

Board games

David Walliams’ ‘Gangsta Granny’s Mental Maths Games’ or Gareth Moore’s ‘Maths Games for Bright Sparks’ are exciting ways to bring a competitive element into learning maths! 


Keep them stretched and challenged with a game of sudoku. The perfect opportunity for you to get involved also! 

Scavenger hunt

Create a maths trail of adventure for your child that keeps them wanting more at every turn. For each clue of where to head to next, write out a problem-solving question or mental arithmetic sum for your child to solve. Let the last clue lead to a small prize! 


To find out more about how our maths tuition works and to meet a local maths tutor, book your free trial today. 


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