New school term tips for teachers

August 23, 2017

As we rapidly move towards September, teachers are preparing to start the new school year with a bang! We asked teachers for their top tips on how staff can get ready for the new term…

Teacher with school children

Get ahead

Hopefully, you’ve had a good rest and can now use the last part of August to help prepare for the new term. Set yourself some time when you are going to get your work done during the holidays and stick to it.  That way you know when you’re committed to prep and when you can still relax and enjoy your break.

Charlotte Shaw, a primary school teacher at Danesfield School says: “Get your display boards sorted, go into school on a day when colleagues will be in and can help back your boards. It’s much easier with two or take friends and family in with you.”

Look after your voice

Your voice is your key tool when it comes to teaching, so look after it.

Laura Gater, an English teacher at Desborough College says: “For teachers, especially new ones, try vocal warm-ups. It sounds silly but laryngitis is common at this time as people strain their voices like never before. Practising projection in the car on the way to work, singing along to the radio and talking from the diaphragm will all help.”

Don’t forget to keep hydrating, sipping lots of water and have a good supply of cough sweets – this will help to keep you vocal.

Make some goals

Make a list of targets that you would like to achieve this year. It could be anything from learning how to set up a Twitter account for your department to re-vamping the displays in the back of the classroom or trying some co-curriculum activities.  Achieving those ‘big’ goals will fill you with a sense of achievement – make sure you leave time to reflect on how far you have come… an academic year is a long time and lots happen, it’s important that you pat yourself on the back when you get to July!

Take time for yourself

Commitment to work is important, but don’t forget to take time for yourself. The autumn term, when the days get darker, can feel a little like you are always at work. Having lunch dates with friends, trips to look forward to or the odd sporting event can really help to give you that much-needed bit of perspective during November days!

Charlotte Shaw suggests: “Plan a few fun things for yourself to do once you start back at school. It will keep you going.”

Get outdoors

To make the most of the daylight why not try having a walking meeting? Decamp to the school field or playground before or after school. It’s a great way to get some fresh air and you may just find your meeting is more productive.

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