Tutor, student relationships – the right learning partner

December 14, 2021

People make the difference. Especially when it comes to learning. 

An influential teacher, mentor or role model can make a lifelong impact on a child. And that goes for tutor, student relationships too. Not only in academic skills but also in the development of self-esteem. With increased self-esteem comes increased motivation, which in turn builds resilience and forms a pathway to learning success. 

The question is, how do we find these important people and encourage them to be in our children’s lives?

Here’s how to find the right learning partner for your child…


Woman and child work on homework in a child's bedroom


Parents as learning partners

As a parent, you are your child’s first source of knowledge and you continue to offer them guidance and support throughout every milestone of their lives. However, as many of us discovered, when donning the ‘teacher hat’ during lockdowns, images of being your child’s perfect learning partner swiftly went out the window. 

One of our biggest barriers is actually the intense love that we have for our children. We want so badly for them to do well, understand things and to go through life stress-free that we add too much emotion and this emotional weight adds stress. 

An element of anxiety is layered with every request for help, mistake made or moment of parental confusion so that over time, every learning experience you have together gets caught up with our emotions. For the perfect learning to occur we need to reduce the emotion.


A girl in a wheelchair and a friend sitting outside


Peers as learning partners

Friends, especially as our children grow older, are often sought out to be learning partners. They have all the benefits of being in the same situation yet have different ideas and different ways of tackling problems. These relationships can be nurturing and fulfilling, however, they are not immune to the same challenges of parents where emotions and relationships can cause problems. Peers also may not always know the right answer or have the maturity to give sustained support.


A teacher at the front of a primary school classroom


Teachers as learning partners

When your child finds a teacher that understands them and champions their talents, they thrive. 


The importance of good student-teacher relationships

If you’ve experienced a positive teacher-student relationship yourself, you likely still remember the names of those teachers and some of the lessons they taught you. This relationship is so powerful and benefits from a teacher’s experience, level of authority and distance from family life. They can see your child as an individual and nurture their talents as they see them today. 

Not knowing their history in huge detail means a teacher won’t make assumptions about what your child can or can’t do. Children are more likely to grow and overcome challenges without preconceptions. 


Factors affecting teacher-student relationships

However, teachers do need to divide their attention amongst a large number of children, their time is stretched between teaching and curriculum planning and they change classes every year or more frequently meaning this relationship isn’t sustained over the long term. A high level of authority can also be a barrier for some children to really open up and be creative in their response to problems if they fear repercussions. 


An Explore Learning tutor with students


Explore Tutors as learning partners

In the quest to find a perfect learning partner, we believe we have the perfect solution – our amazing tutors. 

On the one hand, Explore Tutors are role-models and have the same benefits of a teacher in their status of having expertise and being removed from family life. One the other, they connect with children on a more friendly level akin to peers. They work in small ratios with children giving more individual attention and they create a safe space allowing children to be fearless when tackling new problems or learning from mistakes. 

They have no preconceptions of a child’s performance at home or at school which for many children is refreshing. How each child develops is not influenced by parental emotions or school performance targets, it is simply down to building a relationship, encouraging effort and celebrating each child as a unique individual.  


What is a positive tutor-student relationship?

A positive tutor-student relationship is: trusting, supportive and engaging!


Why tutor-student relationships matter

If your child feels comfortable with their learning partner, they are more likely to challenge themselves, feel free to make mistakes and grow in their learning. 

Positive relationships between a tutor and a student can boost confidence and foster fearless learning. 


How are successful student-tutor relationships made?

How do our maths and English tutors build positive learning partnerships?

  • Structured learning – children thrive when learning is structured and they know what is expected of them in each session
  • Passion – our tutors are passionate about learning and strive to bring out their student’s passion too!
  • Trust and respect – we treat all our students as individuals to nurture fearless learners
  • Positive attitude – taking a positive approach to successes and mistakes helps to build trusting relationships with students 
  • Making learning fun – sessions at Explore are filled with games and laughter, as we use fun as a great learning tool to engage and connect with students
  • Communication – our tutors are bright communicators who bring learning to life in all of their interactions
  • Motivating students – we love to motivate our students by connecting learning to their own hobbies and interests, celebrating success and rewarding effort
  • Improving student engagement – Explore English tutors and maths tutors engage children by providing varied learning experiences
  • Tailored – our learning programmes and resources are tailored to your child to boost their confidence and inspire a love of learning!


Find more information on choosing the right tutor for your child here.


The key is to surround our children in as many effective learning partnerships as possible. How are your child’s current learning partnerships? Would they benefit from a boost? Why not meet with an Explore Tutor today to see if we can help you enrich your child’s learning further.


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