Explore Learning’s Word of the day: Possibility

July 16, 2020

Explore Learning tutor teaching children on a computer

Word of the day: Possibility (noun) – A thing that may happen. Or as we see it at Explore, a thing that will happen if we believe it will.

When we ask our family of staff, ‘Why do you love what you do?’, they all say the same thing – because I believe in what I do. Explore believes in our people, they’re at the heart of everything we do!

What do you see when you think of what courage looks like? We see every person in Explore smiling back at us. We can all remember that teacher at school who inspired us right? Who made us think that we could do it, even when we believed we couldn’t?

The people of Explore pave the pathway to possibility.

What exactly is the path of possibility? Well, it’s instilling growth mindset – believing that anything is achievable. Yes, anything.

Our people know that this includes even those super tricky long division questions that make our brains itchy. Our teams encourage those moments of pausing and remembering that we can.

It’s your child raising their hand at school, straight in the air with no hesitation and shouting, ‘I think I know the answer!’ even if they’re not entirely sure that they do. Not giving into ‘I can’t do it’, but instead knowing that ‘I can’t do it, yet’. It’s understanding that yes, that home-schooling day did not go to plan, but soon it will. It’s growing with patience and being kind to yourself.

That’s what we love the most about inspiring children; when it comes to learning there are no limitations. Where there’s support, there’s a way. That is exactly why we are so proud of our ever-growing Explore family; our team and our members, for consistently believing that anything is possible – for making up Explore’s very own unique heartbeat.

Thank you to all our people, who inspire and give us the opportunity to believe in not just the idea, but the reality of possibility. Let’s start exploring your child’s ambitions today.

Opportunity (noun) – A time or set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something.

 …Or as we like to think of it, possible to do anything.

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