World Book Day Ideas: Creative kit

March 01, 2021

Children sharing World Book Day ideas at a table

We’ve got some World Book Day ideas to bring reading to life. Download and get creative!


World Book Day 2021 theme

Thursday 4th March 2021 marks an international day of celebration –  World Book Day! An opportunity for children of all ages to come together to appreciate reading. It’s a celebration of prominent authors, illustrators and all things books!


Get involved

The World Book Day website is putting on free digital events through its Youtube channel. Celebrate the most exciting book day of the year with ‘Share a story live events’ and join some of your child’s favourite authors, illustrators and hosts. From ‘Books that make you LOL!’ to ‘Bringing reading to life’, these half an hour live events are sure to engage the more reluctant readers and inspire the budding authors out there! 

Find their exciting line-up of events here. 


Join Book Club

Discussing a favourite read with other children makes the experience both magical and memorable. From April, World Book Day Book Club is starting – an opportunity for children to read along, discover new books and listen as top authors share their secrets. First up is, ‘High-Rise Mystery’ by Sharna Jackson, a Year 6+ page-turner. Sign up to the World Book Day newsletter to hear about upcoming books and events and join them on Youtube in April to get involved! 


Learn something new 

The World Book Day virtual ‘Author & Illustrator Academy’ is officially open! With new video and live lessons full of exciting challenges and activities to support your child with their love of reading. Let your child join these free online masterclasses to discover how to ‘Protect the planet’ with Jess French or to explore ‘Interactive picture books’ with Tom Fletcher! 


Buy a book for £1

Did your child’s school register for digital book tokens? If so they can be used up until the 28th March 2021! It wouldn’t be World Book Day without your child getting the feeling of holding a brand new book, smelling that new book smell, and all for just £1! 

Browse World Book Day’s 2021 £1 range, where there’s something for all ages. Let their imagination run wild with Sita Brahmachari’s ‘The River Whale’ or encourage them to channel their inner detective with Holly Jackson’s Kill Joy’. 

Spoiled for choice? Try before you buy and take a sneak peek inside all of the books here


World Book Day craft ideas

One of the fun ways children and young people can bring a book to life is by dressing up as their favourite character, so we’ve created a range of fun masks to download and make to complete your child’s costume. They’ll be the envy of their friends with these simple but effective templates, which you can make in time for the big day!

Choose from the big bad wolf, the Cheshire cat, one of the little pigs or the Gruffalo!


World book day mask ideas

World Book Day mask ideas: choose from the big bad wolf, the Cheshire cat, one of the little pigs or the Gruffalo!




More World Book Day activities

  • Get crafty by redesigning their favourite book cover
  • Encourage them to re-write the ending of their favourite story 
  • Pass the story and create a family story together by writing one line each at a time 
  • Why not let them build a story den to snuggle down in and read together with you
  • Let them take a break from reading and listen to an audiobook and encourage the to draw what they hear
  • Persuade them to put together a compelling pitch to recommend their most loved book to you by encouraging them to write a review of it
  • Turn their favourite tale into a play, from Peter Pan to the Cat in the Hat. Get them to dress up as their favourite book character with some DIY World Book Day costumes. 

Pick up a pen

Is your child feeling inspired to get writing themselves? Find plenty of free writing resources and activities to keep them motivated at Explore Learning’s The Club. Supporting them with creating characters that captivate us, dilemmas that keep us page-turning and imagining settings for their story to come to life. 




Inspire a love of reading

Why not tie in your mask crafting with a chat about why you and your child enjoy your favourite books? There are some stories that we love to return to again and again. The good news is that there are plenty of benefits for those who enjoy curling up with a book! 

A report carried out for The Reading Agency revealed convincing evidence that reading for pleasure can increase empathy, improve relationships with others, reduce the symptoms of depression and improve wellbeing throughout life.

Research has also shown that students who choose what and where they read tend to be more motivated. They tend to read more and show greater language and literacy development. The study by academics at the Institute of Education, part of the University of London, found that reading had the strongest effect on vocabulary development. Also, the impact on maths and spelling was also significant!

Find more tips on supporting reading at home here.


Discover how we can make your child a fearless reader. 





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