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Our free early years resources have been collated to help parents, carers and educators support younger children in their learning and development.

From advice for parents to fun games and learning activities for families – explore our resources to inspire a love of learning from the get-go!

Early years online resources

From school supplies to dynamic learning activities – find out how to prepare your child for primary school with these early learning resources…

Children during an early years science lesson

Getting your child ready for year one learning

Hayley Garland, a reception teacher in Surrey, explains how you can get your child ready for year 1 learning…

Young primary school student running down a hallway at school

Making your child’s reception year count

According to recent research by Durham University, your child’s first year at primary school can have the biggest impact on their achievements. Charlotte Gater, Head of Education at Explore Learning, investigates…

Two young girls talking happily in the classroom

Raring to go for reception: Teacher tips

Starting school can be a nervous and daunting experience, for parents as well as children! Hayley Garland, reception teacher in Surrey, shares her advice to help families with this big step…

Why are resources important in early years?

The early years foundation stage (EYFS) is a key stage in a child’s learning development.

Engaging learning resources such as games or puzzles can help children to learn through play. Reading is another important tool to help children develop the comprehension and communication skills that will take them through their school years and beyond.

Early years resources could include:

  • Educational supplies 
  • Games and toys
  • Picture books and simple stories
  • Videos 
  • Audio stories
  • Simple worksheets
  • Outdoor learning activities
  • Lesson plans
  • Sensory resources such as touchy-feely toys 
  • Counting activities and songs
Young child playing with bricks in a toy box

Early years educational resources: what to look for

Above all, learning resources for younger children should be fun, accessible and engaging, to help get them excited about learning.

Our early learning resources are:


  • Diverse – covering multiple learning styles and core skills
  • Mapped to the curriculum
  • Suitable for younger learners and their families
  • Full of expert and parent tips
  • Free and easily accessible
Early year students sitting down listening to their teacher

We offer exceptional English and maths key stage tuition to students aged 4-14. Key Stage 1 is the stepping stone of primary school, a stage of education for 5-7-year-old children in Years 1-2. In these courses, we cover core skills such as reading, counting and shapes – to help build their confidence and get them ready for life at school. 


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