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Exams can be stressful for children and parents! That’s why we’ve collected all of our exam revision resources, ideas and guides in one handy place to help support you through the process.

From revision techniques and exam tips to information about exam boards, access the tools to help your child approach exams with confidence!

Exam resources

Explore our extensive online revision resources by topic…

GCSE student raising her hand

How to support your child with exam preparation

Our education expert, Charlotte Gater, answers some common questions that parents ask on how to help their children with exam preparation.

Students practicing their 11 Plus vocabulary with an Explore tutor

Preparing for tests: tips

These top ten tips for preparing for tests are shared by 10-year-old Sheen, one of our talented members from Maidenhead. What great advice for anyone feeling nervous about an upcoming exam!

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Alternative revision tips

There’s more to revising than cue cards and highlighters! Check out some alternative revision tips in our infographic to help when preparing for exam season…

Avoiding exam stress

Read some useful advice on how to help children cope with the stress of exam season.

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Getting started with revision

For many, the process of revision can be daunting & overwhelming. Check out our tips & techniques to help students get started with revision for their exams.

The essential guide to revision techniques

Discover our top tips, techniques and methods for exam revision to give students the best possible chance when it comes to exam season…

Avoiding Exam stress

Sitting exams can be a stressful, worrisome and anxious time. We’ve got some advice on how to support children through test season!

Finding the best revision resources for your child

We all learn differently. That means that revision resources and activities need to be tailored to each child. We’ve tried to make our exam resources as comprehensive and diverse as possible to suit all learners. We aim for all of the resources in this series to be accessible, practical and supportive to help parents and children through their exam journey. 

Head to the relevant resource to find expert tips and advice on succeeding in exams.

What do our exam prep resources include?

Our exam resource hub covers general exam techniques and tools for revision.

Here’s a taster of what you may find…

  • Mind maps and other learning tools
  • Maths revision worksheets
  • Past exam papers and exam answers
  • Guides to the best revision books
  • English and maths exam survival guides
  • Revision notes
  • Wellbeing and support
  • Templates and timetables
  • Expert advice
  • Test tips from children

Looking for something else?


If you’re looking for GCSE revision guides and support for the maths GCSE subject, head to our GCSE maths resource hub to find free, online support.

We also offer 11 Plus resources and SATS resources to help your family with exam practice.

Or, for general advice on tutoring support, speak to one of our learning experts to find out how we can help.