Free maths resources for children


Looking for some engaging maths activities to capture their interest and improve their core skills?

Our free maths resources for children include games, tools and guides to boost learning and build confidence.

Online maths resources

Explore our full range of online resources to develop maths skills.

GCSE student raising her hand

Complete guide to KS2 maths

Discover everything you need to support your child with their key stage two maths learning journey.

Students practicing their 11 Plus vocabulary with an Explore tutor

Simple strategies and fun ways to teach maths to children

Looking for fun ways to teach maths to your children? We’ve got everything you need to bring maths to life!

A tutor helping students in an Explore classroom

11 Plus maths resources

With over 15 years experience, we know exactly what the 11 Plus maths exam involves, and how to help your child achieve success.

Areas of difficulty: maths tips and tricks to help your child

We’ve put together some handy maths hacks and tricks which will help them to understand techniques, boost their calculation skills, and simplify the madness that is maths!

How to become a times tables master

Learning a new times table? We’ve got the techniques to help you become a times tables master!

Schoolboy learning in the classroom

The new Multiplication Tables Check

All year 4 children in England will be sitting a new Multiplication Tables Check (MTC). Find out what the check involves and how to best support your child towards it.

Two primary school aged pupils in the classroom preparing for the 11 Plus comprehension exam

Fractions in action: help your child feel confident with fractions

Fractions are one of the top areas of difficulty for children in their first year of secondary school. Find out how to help your child feel confident with fractions.

Everyday maths examples for real-life learning

There are hundreds of everyday things that involve maths. Make the most of this learning opportunity by making maths practice part of your everyday family routine.

home schooling ideas

Encouraging children to think mathematically: playing dumb

Jennie Pennant from GrowLearning has a great tip for encouraging children to think mathematically: playing dumb! She explains just how it works…

curriculum - student raising hand in the classroom

Creating maths problems to solve!

Find out how the experts create maths problems to solve…and have a go yourself!

Video maths lessons with Bobby Seagull

Enjoy a virtual maths lesson with Bobby Seagull with our collection of maths videos for all ages.

Common maths mistakes and how to learn from them

Learn about some of the most common maths mistakes children make and, more importantly, how they can learn from them! 

What can you find in our maths learning resources?

What can you expect to see in our maths resource pack? We cover maths topics across primary and secondary levels to help you support your child in their learning. 


Resources include:

  • Maths resources KS1
  • Maths resources KS2
  • Primary resources for maths
  • Games, tools and activities
  • Problem-solving tasks
  • Mathematical tasks and worksheets
  • Maths teaching resources for parents
  • Expert tips
  • Common core maths resources
  • Advice for parents
  • And lots more!

For more support and guidance on mastering maths, see how our maths tuition could help your child. 

We also offer online maths tuition to help your child engage with their learning from the comfort of home. 

Or, if you’re looking for maths GCSE help, see our range of GCSE maths resources.