Tuition resources for families: Demystifying tutoring


We’ve collated all the information you need as a parent to better understand the tutoring process. From what to look for in a tutor, to getting started with sessions – find out what to expect throughout your child’s tuition journey.

Discover our tuition resources for parents here…

Tuition resources online

Are you thinking of getting some tuition for your child? We’ve pulled together a wide range of resources to help parents every step of the way. 

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Is tutoring worth it?

Thinking of getting a tutor for your child but not sure if it’s worth the time, money and effort? Find out if tutoring makes sense for your family in this guide. 

Students practicing their 11 Plus vocabulary with an Explore tutor

Difference between a teacher and a tutor

Teaching and tutoring involve a lot more differences than you might think. Take a closer look at the differences between a teacher and a tutor to find out if tutoring could help your child reach their full potential!

A tutor helping students in an Explore classroom

Mentor vs tutor

We look at some mentor and tutor differences to help you decide on the best route for your family.

What qualities make a good tutor

You want the best for your child. This means you need a professional, knowledgeable and effective tutor that can adapt to your child’s learning style. Discover what to look out for in a tutor.

How to find the right tutor in my area

We’ve created this guide on how to find tutors in your area to help you discover local maths and English tutors based close to home.

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How to choose the right tutor

Wondering how to choose a tutor? The choice of who to trust with your child’s education can be overwhelming. Here’s our advice…

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How to find a maths tutor for your child

Discover how to find a maths tutor for your child and explore the benefits of maths tutoring.

When to get a tutor for your child

Not sure when to get a tutor for your child? Here are some signs your child could benefit from a tutor…

home schooling ideas

Tutor, student relationships

People make the difference. Especially when it comes to learning. Here’s how to find the right learning partner for your child…

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Is my child making progress with their tuition?

Find out how well your child is progressing with their private tutoring using these tips.

How to get the most out of online tuition

From video chats to interactive whiteboards – with an increased demand for online learning, we share some of our top tips on how to get the most out of online lessons.

A tutor helping students in an Explore classroom

Online home tuition vs tuition centre: Which is better?

We compare online tuition vs in-person tuition centres to help you make that all-important decision.

Free online tutoring resources

The free resources on this page are designed to support parents by providing all the information you need to know about your child’s tuition. Whether your child has face to face sessions or gets online tuition, whether you’re already in tutoring or you haven’t yet begun – we’re here to answer any questions you may have. 


If there’s anything we haven’t covered on this page, please get in touch!

Our free online learning resources are full of fun and engaging materials to help with home learning. From educational resources for exams to tips on health and wellbeing, we hope you find them useful for family life. 

If you need extra support for your child’s learning, our maths and English tuition offers award-winning, in-person and online courses for children aged 4-14.