Health and wellbeing resources for families


Health and wellbeing play an important role in keeping your family happy, healthy and ready to learn.

Our range of free health and wellbeing resources have been created by our experts to provide you with tips, advice and activities to boost your children’s wellbeing.

Free wellbeing resources

From strengthening mental wellbeing to finding the right support services, we’ve gathered our best tips and activities for promoting good health and wellbeing in your family. 


Explore our collection of free resources to find advice and support for children and young people…

GCSE student raising her hand

Self-care and wellbeing tips for families

We all need a little bit of self-care from time to time. Learn more about self-care for your child and find ideas, strategies and tasks to help them on their way.

Students practicing their 11 Plus vocabulary with an Explore tutor

How to help your child with friendships

We’ve got some tips for encouraging healthy relationships and how to support them when things go wrong.

A tutor helping students in an Explore classroom

How to empower your child against bullying

To help raise awareness for anti-bullying week, we shared some ideas on how to empower your child against bullying and support them in spreading kindness.

Positive ways to deal with life’s challenges

Si Martin shares what’s helped him cope with his own difficulties over the years, with the hope of encouraging your children to realise the power of what makes them, them.

How to ignite your child’s spark

We all remember what we wanted to be when we grew up. Help your child to ignite their spark and drive their future passions!

Schoolboy learning in the classroom

Helping children with school anxieties

Find tips on coping with educational anxiety, from Dr Anna Colton.

Two primary school aged pupils in the classroom preparing for the 11 Plus comprehension exam

Sleep tips for children

Sleep Expert, Dave Gibson shares his top tips for helping children to get a good night’s sleep…

Teacher Q&A on school safety

We asked teachers to answer some questions on the important steps schools are putting in place to ensure the safety of children.

What can you find in our children’s wellbeing resources?

Our wellbeing resources are packed full of insights and activities.

  • Advice for supporting mental health conditions in children and young people
  • Games, tools, worksheets and activities to improve health
  • Expert advice and tips
  • Support for parents and carers
  • Strategies for online safety

What is child wellbeing?

Wellbeing describes the quality of someone’s life according to a range of factors. Child wellbeing takes into account:

  • Physical health and wellbeing
  • Emotional wellbeing
  • Mental health
  • Social wellbeing

It could also include feeling safe, loved and cared for by their families and in their communities. As well as feeling satisfied by their own growth, development and time spent following their passions. 

Why is children’s wellbeing so important?

Promoting children’s wellbeing is key to ensuring they remain safe, happy and successful in their goals. Without the basic building blocks in place, it is harder for children to thrive in their education and beyond. 

How can we improve children’s wellbeing?

After the core building blocks of safety, health and emotional wellbeing are taken care of, igniting their passions and hobbies can be a great way to boost their sense of wellbeing. 

Find tips and tricks in our resources above. 


If you’re concerned that something they’re struggling with at school is affecting their sense of wellbeing, why not try some expert maths and English tuition to help boost their confidence and get them back on track.